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Serbia 1848-1878

The Hungarian revolt was suppressed in 1849 and Austrian rule in the Vojvodina restored; Serb patriots' hopes of an annexion of the Vojvodina were disappointed.
In 1858 prince Alexander Karadjordjevic was deposed, and MILOS OBRENOVIC recalled, beginning the second phase of the Obrenovic dynasty.
In 1867, the AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN AUSGLEICH granted Hungary far reaching autonomy within the Empire. The Hungarian parliament and administration, dominated by Magyar nobility pursued a program of MAGYARIZATION of the country's ethnic minorities, which included the Serb settlements in the Vojvodina.
In 1878 the Russo-Turkish War was concluded by the TREATY OF SAN STEFANO, which was undone by the BERLIN CONGRESS (1878), according to which Serbia gained the NIS region, but Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Sandjak of Novipazar, areas Serbian patriots desired to annex, were occupied by Austro-Hungarian forces.

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