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Serbia 1878-1914

From 1878 onward, there were a few decades of peace. The example of Italy and Germany, which had achieved their national unification in 1859/1860 respectively 1870/1871 only spurred on Serbian patriots dreaming of a larger Serbia or a Yugoslavia lead by Serbia.
In 1885/1886 there was a short Serbian-Bulgarian war, which began with a Serbian invasion; the Bulgarians defeated the Serbs in the Battle of Slivnica; the Treaty of Bucharest ended the war on the basis of the status quo ante.
In 1903 a coup d'etat ended in the assassination of the royal couple and the ascension of Peter Karadjordjevic, the son of deposed King Alexander.
When Italy took Tripolitania and Cyrenaica (Libya) from the Ottoman Empire with relative ease in 1911, the christian Balkan states formed an alliance and attacked the ailing Ottoman Empire in the First Balkan War (1912). As Bulgaria claimed the larger part of Macedonia against Serbian claims, the Second Balkan War - now everybody else against Bulgaria - followed suit (1912/1913).
Serbia which had occupied much of Albania, had to give it away due to massive diplomatic pressure from Great Britain, Italy and Austria-Hungary, neither of whom wanted to see Serbia having access to the Adriatic Sea. Serbia did gain half of the Sandjak of Novi Pazar. the Kosovo and the larger part of Macedonia.
With the Ottoman Empire eliminated from the European map, Serbian attention now focussed on Austria-Hungary.

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