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First posted on April 10th 2002, last revised on January 6th 2011

Albania since 1989
Albania 1968-1989
Albania 1949-1968
Albania 1944-1949
Albania 1939-1944
Albania 1925-1939
Albania 1918-1924
Albania 1913-1918

Albania was created as a state by the intervening powers in 1913. For the history prior to 1913, accounts either follow (a) the history of administrative/political entities of that time, or (b) that of the history of the territory which in 1913 would become Albania, or (c) the history of the Albanian ethnicity.

P. of Shkoder,

P. of Janina,

Larger Entities

Ottoman Empire


Albania 1878-1912
Albania 1831-1878


Albanians until 1912
General Files on the History of Albania, organized by topic instead of by period

Historical Encyclopedias : Albania 1809-1904
Timeline : Albania since 1204
Historical Atlas, Albania, Rumelia, Ottoman Empire Pages
List of Wars : Albania, Rumelia

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Systematic Collections
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