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First posted in January 2002, last revised on April 13th 2010

Recent History : Bulgaria since 1989
Late Cold War : Bulgaria 1969-1989
Early Cold War : Bulgaria 1956-1969
Early Cold War : Bulgaria 1947-1956
Transition Years : Bulgaria 1944-1947
World War II : Bulgaria 1939-1944
Royal Dicatorship : Bulgaria 1934-1939
Democratic Bulgaria : Bulgaria 1926-1934
Post-War Crisis : Bulgaria 1918-1926
World War I : Bulgaria 1914-1918
Turn of the Century : Bulgaria 1896-1914
Early Independent Bulgaria : Bulgaria 1879-1896

Prior to 1879, what is Bulgaria now formed part of the Ottoman Empire. Within the Ottoman Empire, a province of Bulgaria did not exist; Bulgaria long formed part of Rumelia.

Emergence of a Bulgarian Movement : Bulgaria 1848-1879
National Revival : Bulgaria 1760-1848
Ottoman Province : Bulgaria 1393-1760

Prior to 1393, there were one or several Bulgarian states.

Restored Czardom : Bulgaria 1185-1393
Part of the Byzantine Empire : Bulgaria 1018-1185
Bulgaria 893-1018
Bulgaria 852-893

Files on Bulgarian History organized by criteria other than historical periods

Historical Encyclopedia Entries on Bulgaria (-1875) (Bulgaria identical with Tuna Vilayet), on the Pomaks (1885-1915) Historical Atlas, Bulgaria Page
List of Wars, Bulgaria Page

Students' Paper : Comparison between Economic Changes in Czechoslovakia and in Bulgaria Coming with the Collapse of Communism, by Choi, Hena

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Military see here
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Orders, Decorations and Medals of Bulgaria, from World Medals
Economy & Finances General Global Integrity : Bulgaria 2006, Bulgaria 2007
Specific Periods
Currency & Finances A Global History of Currencies : Bulgaria
History of Bulgarian Money, from BG - Paper Money
Article Bulgarian Lev, from Wikipedia
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Economic Institutions Article Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, from Wikipedia
Mining & Metal Industry Mines and Communities : Bulgaria
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Agriculture History of Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil, from Quinessence
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Palearctic Ecoregion, from WWF

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Titles of European Hereditary Rulers : Bulgaria
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U.S. Ambassadors to Bulgaria, from NNDB; Canadian Ambassadors to Bulgaria, from MOFA Canada; Chinese Ambassadors to Bulgaria, from PRC MOFA;
Lists of Consuls The Political Graveyard : Bulgaria, has incomplete list of U.S. Consuls
Lists of Bishops List of Patriarchs of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, List of Archbishops of the Bulgarian Archbishopric of Ohrid, from Wikipedia
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Statistical Data Responsible Institution National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Bulgaria, from Population Statistics, Univ. Utrecht
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Modern Newspapers links from Online Newspapers, from World Newspapers
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Propaganda Films Open Society Archives, Film Library (Radio Free Europe Archive)
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Filmarchives Online (Europe-wide); Bulgarian National Film Archive
Article : Cinema of Bulgaria, from Wikipedia
Bulgaria, from Cinema of the World
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Image Databanks Systematic Collections
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Accidental Collections Wikimedia Commons : Bulgaria
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Items on Bulgaria
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Passports of Bulgaria, from World Passports, scroll down
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links to sources on Bulgarian history, posted by psm-data
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Making the History of 1989 : Bulgaria
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collections click here
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Parliamentary Debates
Tour Guides, Travelogues
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History of the Bulgarian National Library, from The European Library
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