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First posted on June 5th 2005, last revised on January 18th 2013

The Mediterranean island of Crete (in Greek Kriti, in Turkish Kirid, in Italian Candia) was part of the Byzantine Empire 395-c.824, then an Emirate c.824-961, again part of the Byzantine Empire 961-1204, then possession of the Republic of Venice 1204-1645 (1669), then province of the Ottoman Empire 1645 (1669) - 1898 (1908/1911). In 1897/98 placed under international administration; in 1908 annexed by Greece.

Crete 1897-1908
Crete 1832-1897

Historic Encyclopedias on Crete, 1809-1911

Timeline : History of Crete since 824
Historical Dictionary : Greece
Historical Atlas : Crete Page, Greece Page
List of Wars : Greece

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Country Profiles from Wikipedia
W. Wulsch, Der öffentliche Rechtszustand auf der Insel Kreta 1908, IA
Links General Category : Crete, from Wikipedia
on History Category : History of Crete, from Wikipedia
M. McTiernan, Cretan History
Historical Dictionaries click here (on Greece)
Organizations Society for Cretan Historical Studies
Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Rethymno, Crete
Timelines from timelines.ws
Chronologie Crete, from Clio
Accounts of History Modern Article History of Crete, from Wikipedia
History of Crete, from Crete Island, Greece
A very brief history of Crete, by Stelios Jackson
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L. Cass, An Historical, Geographical and Statistical Account of the Island of Candia, or Ancient Crete, 1839, IA
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Ottoman Crete, from Ottoman Empire
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Administration Article : Cretan Gendarmerie, from Wikipedia
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Military Other A.M. Shepard, The Byzantine Reconquest of Crete : A Historical Example of the Silent Pressure of Sea Power, US Naval Institute 1941
Military War of Candia
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1897-1908 First Graeco-Turkish War of 1897, from OnWar.com
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Order of Battle, Austro-Hungarian contingent during the blockade of Crete 1897-1898, posted by Austro-Hungarian Army
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Milutin Labovic, The Montenegrin hat was the first blue helmet, from Montenegrina, account of Montenegrin soldiers on Crete 1897
Seaforth Highlanders, from British Armed Forces and National Service (Crete 1897)
Mission Abroad, from Arma Carabinieri
Paleochora Site, Battle of Paleochora 1897; M. McTiernan, The Battle of Sarakina 1897
Economy & Finances Coins from Crete, from Greek Numismatics - Modern Coins
Observations sur le commerce de la Mer Noire et des pays qui la bordent; auxquelles on a joint deux memoires sur le commerce de Smyrne et de l'isle de Candie, 1787, in French, GB
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Cretan Ceramics : Cretan History
N. Adiyeke, Olive Production in Crete in Nineteenth Century
Tour in Crete, Historical Information on Cretan Products
Explore Crete : History of Olive Oil
Wines of Crete, The History of Wine in Crete
Social History E. Kermeli, Children Treated as Commoditi in Ottoman Crete
P. Krokidas & A. Gekas, Public Health in Crete under Mehmed Ali in the 1830s
Ethnography Article Cretan Turks, from Wikipedia
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Twisted Memories of a Lost Homeland - The Turkish Cretan Community of Turkey
Religion General E. Bayraktar, The Implementation of Ottoman religious policies in Crete 1645-1735: Men of faith as actors in the Kadi court thesis 2005
Orthodox Th. Deforakis, Brief Historical Review of the Holy Archdiocesis of Crete
Patron Saint Index : Crete
Claire Bonnelie, Contribution a l'etude de l'Eglise en Crete venitienne (XIIIe-XIVe siecle) (Contribution to the Study of the Church in Venetian Crete), thesis 2000, in French
The Monasteries of Myriokefala and Roustika in Crete and their Chapels
Article : Archdiocese of Crete, from OrthodoxWiki
Judaism The Jews of Crete, from Etz Hayyim Synagogue
Catholic Diocese of Candia, from Catholic Hierarchy
Claire Bonnelie, Contribution a l'etude de l'Eglise en Crete venitienne (XIIIe-XIVe siecle) (Contribution to the Study of the Church in Venetian Crete), thesis 2000, in French
Franciscan Provinces with their Custodies and Convents, c.1350, from M. van der Heijden and B. Roest, click Romania (title misleading)
Islam Article Cretan Muslims, from Wikipedia
1923 : Expulsion of Muslims from Crete, from PIWP
G.B. Antourakis, Mosques and Minarets in Crete, from Crete Tournet
History of Regions Articles Chania Prefecture, Rethymno Prefecture, Heraklion Prefecture, Lasithi Prefecture, from Wikipedia
History of Sfakia
Local History Chania, from Walled Towns
Hania, from interkriti.org
Articles Heraklion (Candia), Chanea, Rethymno, from Wikipedia
Articles Chania : Geschichte, Rethymno : Geschichte, from Wikipedia German edition
History of the City of Chania, from City of Chania
Kissamos History, from Explore Crete
Rethymnon History, from Rethymnon.biz
Cultural History C.A. Wright, A Brief Introduction to the History and Food of Crete
Cretan Nutrition, History of the Cretan Diet
Biographies Biography of Eleftherios Venizelos, from stigmes
Wladimir Giesl von Gieslingen, from Austrian Commanders; he was Austrian Consul on Crete in 1897
Historians of the Ottoman Empire : Abraham of Crete (d. 1737)
Others International Court of Justice, France vs. Greece 1936-1937, on lighthouses on Crete, posted by World Courts
Encyclopedia of Earth, Crete Mediterranean Forests, Sea of Crete
WWF : Ecoregions : Mediterranean Island of Crete

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon), scroll down for Crete; from Rulers (B. Schemmel), scroll down for Crete; from Regnal Chronologies (Crete)
List of Rulers in Crete, from Wikipedia
Lists of Bishops List of Primacies of the Orthodoxe Church of Crete, from Speedy Look
Article : Roman Catholic Diocese of Crete, from Wikipedia
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Administrative Regions of Greece, from Population Statistics (Jan Lahmeyer), scroll down for Kriti
Documents Historical Newspapers Digital Collection : Newspapers, from National Library of Greece
Kranten Historisch [historical newspapers]
Articles in "The Great Round World and What is Going on in it" 1897-1898; links to individual articles here
Search London Gazette 1665-; 439 Candia entries
Search Gazeta de Lisboa 1715-1833 (GB, incomplete series) for Candia
Search Gazeta de Lisboa Occidental 1720-1738 (GB, incomplete series) for Candia
Search Gazetta Universale o Sieno Firenze 1779-1801 (GB, incomplete series) for Candia
Search La Gazette de France 1772-1786 (GB, incomplete series) for Candie
Historical Yearbook Entries Le Canee et ses Dependances pp.468-469, in Annales Maritimes 1818, in French, GB
Annuario pontificio 1721, 1722, 1723, 1724, 1726, 1728, 1729, 1731, 1732, 1733, 1734, 1735, 1736, 1737, 1739, 1740, 1741, 1742, 1744, 1746, 1749, 1750, 1751, 1752, 1753, 1755, 1756, 1757, 1759, 1760, 1762, 1763, 1764, 1766, 1767, 1770, 1771, 1773, 1775, 1776, 1779, 1781, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790, 1791, 1795, 1796, 1802, 1806, 1822, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1838, 1840, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1851, 1853, 1854, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, 1868, 1869, in Italian, GB; search for Creta
Image Databanks Caricatures Greece / Crete 1897, posted by INAF
Comite de redaction de la constitution cretoise 1906-1907, from Wikimedia Commons
Archival Deposits Nationaal Archief (NL) : Inventaris van de archieven van het Consulaat Candia en Conculaat Irakleion op Kreta (Griekenland), 1912-1952
Österreichisches Staatsarchiv, search for Candia / Kreta
National Archives (UK), search for Candia / Crete
Archivio di Stato di Venezia, search for Candia, Canea
Constitutions, Laws
Treaties General Treaty Collections Th.E. Holland (ed.), The European Concert in the Eastern Question: A Collection of Treaties and .. (1885), posted on Internet Archive
Treaties Between Turkey and Foreign Powers. 1535-1855 (1855), posted on Internet Archive
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Bilateral Treaty Collections
Consular Reports E. Flagg, Report on the Commercial Relations of the United States with All Foreign Nations, Candia, vol.3 1857 pp.321-329, Canea (Crete) 1865 pp.523-524, GB
Document Collections The Cretan Question 1897-1908, from Handbook for the Diplomatic History of Europe, Asia, and Africa 1870-1914. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1918; posted by Mt.Holyoke
W. Liebknecht, Crete and Social Democracy (1897), posted by Marxists Internet Archive
P. Piccolomini, Corrispondenza tra la corte di Roma e l'inquisitore di Malta durante la guerra di Candia (1645-1669), 1908, in Italian, IA
Great Britain, Foreign Office, Papers relative to the affairs of Greece, 1826-1832, 1835; several Candia entries
The Cretan Question 1908/1913, from Mt. Holyoke
Historical Maps click here
Category : Old Maps of Crete, from Wikimedia Commons
Crete (n.d.), from World of Maps
Candia-Iraklion, Braun Hogenberg 1575, Candia-Iraklion, von Breydenbach 1486, from Historic Cities
Administrative Division of Ottoman Crete 1669-1827, Wikipedia
Crete (Johnston 1861), from Wikipedia
Crete, ethnic map (Lejean 1861), from Wikipedia
Encyclopedia Entries
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Parliamentary Debates
Postal Routes etc. Search Bradshaw's continental railway, steam transit, and general guide 1853, 1859, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, GB, for Candia
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Exhibition Catalogues Turkey, from Official catalogue of the industrial department, London Exhibition 1862, GB ; search for Crete
Institutions Archives Historical Archive, of the University of Crete
Ottoman Archives (site in Turkish; see Wikipedia Article
Musea The Historical Museum of Crete, Iraklion, from Interktriti; Official Website
Museum of Cretan Ethnology
Maritime Museum Crete
Monuments Mosques and Minarets in Crete, from Crete Tour Net
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag of the Principality of Crete, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes Coins from Crete, from Greek Numismatics - Modern Coins
Cretan Banknotes, from Greek Banknotes
Search Coin Archives for Kreta, Crete, Candia; Crete, from Encyclopedia of Small Silver Coins
Crete Coins, from Numista, from ColNect,
Stamps Stamps of Crete, from Stamps Catalogue 1840-1920 by Evert Klaseboer
Articles Postage Stamps and Postal History of Crete, Austrian Post Offices in Crete, French Post Offices in Crete, Russian Post Offices in Crete, from Wikipedia
Dead Country Stamps and Banknotes, British Occupation of Crete (1897-1909), Russian Occupation of Crete (1897-1909)

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General Accounts
Online Journals full text online Oriental Herald 1-23, 1824-1829, GB
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Specific Topics Molly Greene, A Shared World. Christians and Muslims in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Princeton : UP 2000 [G]
Historical Dictionaries Th. Veremes, Historical Dictionary of Greece, Lanham Md. : Scarecrow 1995, KMLA Lib.Sign. R 949.5 V492b

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