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First posted on February 28th 2010

In 1809 Austria was compelled by the Treaty of Schönbrunn to cede to France the Duchy of Carinthia, the Duchy of Carniola, the County of Gorizia, Trieste, Austrian and Venetian Istria, part of Croatia, part of the Austrian Military Frontier (both west of the Sava) and formerly Venetian Dalmatia, including the formerly independent Republic of Ragusa. These territories were formed into the (French) Illyrian Provinces. In 1813 these territories were taken under Austrian military administration. In 1816, Carinthia, Carniola, Gorizia, Trieste and Istria were formed into the (Austrian) Kingdom of Illyria; Dalmatia was to form a separate Austrian crownland, while the asreas west of the Sava were reunited with Croatia and the Austrian Military Frontier.

Illyrian Provinces 1809-1813

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Note : files covering the History of Croatia in general, with a few exceptions, are not listed below; please refer to the History of Croatia Page.

Country Profiles Provinces Illyriennes, pp.108- in : Ch.C. le Tellier, Geographie des commençants, 1811, in French, GB
Links, on History
Historical Dictionary
Accounts of History general Article Illyrian Provinces, from Wikipedia; Article Provinces Illyriennes, from Wikipedia French edition; Article : Province Illiriche, from Wikipedia Italian edition; Article : Illyrische Provinzen, from Wikipedia German edition
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Social History
Local History
Biographies S. Ljubic, Dizionario biografico degli uomini illustri della Dalmazia, 1836, in Italian, posted on Google Books
Others Chapitre V : Publication des lois et decrets dans les provinces illyriennes pp.6- in vol.18 of Collection complete des lois, decrets d'interee general, traites ..., 1836, in French, GB

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen Dalmatia, from World Statesmen by Ben Cahoon; scroll down for Illyrian Provinces
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Document Collections napoleonica.org has an extensive collection of online documents, 84 of them on Illyria. Click 'recherche', type 'illyrie'. most importantly Feb. 1st 1811 : Projet de Decret sur l"organisation de l'Illyrie (Project of a Decree on the Organization of Illyria), Nov. 16th 1809 : Projet relatif au Gouvernement des Provinces d'Illyrie (Project concerning the Government of the Illyrian Provinces). In French
Individual Documents
Historical Maps Italy, from Atlas classique et universel de geographie ancienne et moderne,1812, from Portuguese National Digital Library
Encyclopedia Entries
Article Illyria, from Catholic Encyclopedia
Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
Institutions Archives Croatia - Regional State Archives, scroll down for Split, Zadar
Musea Museums and Galleries in Split
Archaeological Museum in Zadar
State Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms
Coins Medal : Conquest of Dalmatia (1807), from Napoleonic Medals : 1st Austrian Campaign by Fortiter; scroll down
Medal : Conquest of Illyria (1809), from Napoleonic Medals : 2nd Austrian Campaign by Fortiter; scroll down

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on Eastern Europe Central and Eastern European Online Library
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