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Rumelia Kingdom of Hungary
First posted on November 20th 2003, last revised on January 7th 2012

Slavic migration into the region south of the Danube from the 6th century onward. Conversion to Orthodox Christianity in the later 9th century. With the decline of the Byzantine Empire emergence of Serb states in the 11th century. Serbian Kingdom established in 1217, Serbian Orthodox Church separated from Greek Orthodox Church in 1219. Ottoman conquest 1459.
Two Serbian uprisings against Ottoman rule in 1804 and 1815 resulted in the establishment of the Principality of Serbia (autonomous within the Ottoman Empire, capital Belgrade), which in 1882 was elevated to the now independent Kingdom of Serbia. Territorial expansion in 1833, 1878 and 1912/1913.
In 1918, Serbia became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (SHS), which in 1929 was renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Click here for the modern Republic of Serbia.

This page refers to the Principality / Kingdom of Serbia 1817-1918.

The Principality of Serbia as established in 1817 had a comparatively homogeneous population (by the standards of the Ottoman Empire), the vast majority consisting of Orthodox Serbs. Territorial acquisitions made in 1913 brought into the Kingdom of Serbia considerable numbers of Albanians (in Kosovo and Macedonia, many of whom were Muslims) as well as Macedonians (partly Orthodox, partly Muslim, some Catholic).
On the other hand, by 1914 considerable numbers of Serbs lived in Montenegro, Dalmatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Croatia-Slavonia and in the Kingdom of Hungary.

In contemporary English, French, German, Italian language sources, the country is referred to as Servia.

Serbia 1914-1918
Serbia 1878-1914

Serbia 1848-1878
Serbia 1817-1848
Serbia 1789-1817
Serbia 1660-1789
Serbia 1459-1660
Serbia 1204-1459
Serbia prior to 1204

Historical Atlas, Serbia Page
List of Wars : Serbia

Rumelia, Ottoman Empire
Rumelia, Ottoman Empire
Rumelia, Ottoman Empire
Rumelia, Ottoman Empire
Rumelia, Ottoman Empire

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