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Bukovina Wallachia
First posted on August 20th 2002, last revised on April 23rd 2011

Political History . The Principality of Moldavia emerged in the 14th century. In 1512 it became a vassall of the Ottoman Empire. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Moldavia was exposed to Russian invasions during Russo-Ottoman wars, and repeatedly came under Russian occupation. In 1775 the Ottoman Empire ceded the Moldavian region of Bukovina to Austria, in 1812 it ceded Bessarabia to the Russian Empire. In 1826 the Russian and Ottoman Empires agreed that indigenous persons should be appointed to office in the Danubian principalities (Moldavia and Wallachia). Reforms such as the abolition of slavery were introduced. In 1859 both Moldavia and Wallachia elected the same governor; in 1862 the United Principalities were proclaimed, which in 1881 gained political independence as the Kingdom of Romania .

Church History . First under the Orthodox hierarch of Halych, Moldavia received its own Metropolitan in 1401. In the 17th century, the language of religious service was changed to Romanian. In 1864 the Orthodox Church of Romania was established.

Moldavia 1812-1859, 1512-1812, 1350-1512

Administrative History of Moldavia
Demographic History of Moldavia
Economic History of Moldavia

for ceded territories, see
(since 1775)
Bessarabia Gubernia (1812-1918); Moldova

Historic Encyclopedia Entries : History of Moldavia
List of Wars : Moldavia
Historical Atlas, Moldavia Page

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