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First posted on April 11th 2002; last revised on January 7th 2011

In the Middle Ages and Early Modern History, what is Moldova today formed part of the Duchy of Moldavia, together with the region on the west bank of the Pruth River, the latter since 1858/61 being part of Romania.
From 1512 to 1878, Moldavia (since 1858/61 Romania) was tributary to the Ottoman Empire.
In 1812 the Ottoman Empire ceded Bessarabia, i.e. the lands between Pruth and Dnjestr Rivers, to the Russian Empire.
In 1918, Romania annexed Bessarabia; within the Soviet Union, on the right bank of the Dnjestr, a tiny Moldovan ASSR was founded in 1924, autonomous within Ukraine until 1990. In 1939 the USSR annexed Bessarabia, and the Moldovan ASSR reached her present size. Moldova gained independence on December 30th 1991, when the USSR disintegrated.

Moldova since 1991
Moldova 1944-1991
Moldova 1941-1944
Moldova 1924-1941
Moldova 1917-1924

Gubernia Bessarabia, Russian Empire

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