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First posted on June 7th 2005, last revised on March 22nd 2008

For the History prior to 1552 also see under Genoa
For the History prior to 1912 also see under Ottoman Empire

Samos 1834-1912

For the History since 1912 see under Greece

Timeline : History of Samos since 1125
Historical Dictionary : Greece
Historical Atlas : Greece Page
List of Wars : Greece

Samos - History, from Samos-Net, from greece.org, from Greek Tourism
Article : Samos, from Catholic Encyclopedia
Ein Abriss der Geschichte von Samos (4), from Samos-Info, in German
History, from Samosin
History of Samos, from Samian Society of Ottawa & District
DOCUMENTS Flag of the Principality of Samos, 1832-1912, from FOTW
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World Statesmen : Samos, by Ben Cahoon
Newspaper Archive, site requiring reguistration and charging a modest fee; on Oct. 30th 2006 has 918 English language historical newspaper articles on Samos 1759-1912
Jewish Chronicle, since 1841, online, has 2 historical articles on Samos 1841-1912
New York Times articles on Samos, since 1851 : Freely Accessible Articles, NY Times Archive (charges modest fee)

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