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Between the Wars : Ireland 1921-1939

The SINN FEIN members of parliament elected in December 1918 decided not to go to Westminster, but to assemble in Dublin, proclaiming themselves to be the DAIL EIREANN (Irish Parliament). An Irish administration was established (parallel to the continuing British administration); the Irish administration proved to be accepted by many.
After the Treaty with Britain ratified in 1921, the IRISH FREE STATE - not a republic, and still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, without the North, was split in two rival factions which fought a bloody civil war (1921-1923). The SINN FEIN dominated until 1932, when the FIANNA FAIL won the election and EAMON DE VALERA was elected president.
In 1937, the REPUBLIC OF IRELAND was declared, a further step to severe the remaining ties with Britain. However, it did not become effective until 1949.
The Irish state was born in a guerilla war, and the solution agreed upon in 1921 ended far short of the expectations of many - not the Republic dreamt of, and the partition of the country. The Irish Republican Army, which had defeated the British occupying force in Ireland in a violent terrorist campaign, split, the factions fighting the civil war, and after, continued to fight the British presence in Northern Ireland, a conflict that continued until into the 1990es.

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