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First posted on April 25th 2002, last revised on January 5th 2013

The Republic of Ireland is independent since 1921. Files covering the history prior to 1921 cover the history of all of Ireland, including the north. Click here for the history of Northern Ireland since 1921.

Ireland since 1990 . Ireland 1969-1990 . Ireland 1949-1969 . Ireland 1945-1949 . Ireland 1937-1945 . Ireland 1921-1937

Ireland 1914-1921 . Ireland 1893-1914 . Ireland 1867-1893 . Ireland 1848-1867 . Ireland 1826-1848 . Ireland 1801-1826

Ireland 1789-1800

Iro-Scottish Church . Iro-Scottish Mission
Viking Era : Ireland and Scotland .. Ireland and Wales

Students' Paper : Noh, Dong Woo, Ireland within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 1800-1914 (2007)
Students' Paper : Choi Eunsol, The Irish Free State, 1921-1937 (2007)

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Links, General
Links, on History from Virtual Library History; from Virtual Library Women's History; from Virtual Library Labour History; from Virtual Library Economic and Business History
Irish History Links
Organizations Military History Society of Ireland
ESHSI (Economic and Social History Society of Ireland)
National Committee for History - Irish Committee of Historical Sciences
Irish Genealogical Society International
Women's History Association of Ireland
National Monument Service, Ireland
Archaeological Survey of Ireland
The Ireland Institute for Historical and Cultural Studies
Irish Labour History Society
Irish Historical Society
Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies
Portals Irish History online
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Our History, from Donegal Yarns
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Surviving Mills in Ireland. Water Powerr in Ireland
Carrickfergus Salt Mine
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History of Lighthouses in Ireland
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Royal Irish Academy
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Others History of Irish Vegetarian Societies, from IVU
Article Grand Lodge of Ireland, from Wikipedia
Category Disasters in Ireland, from Wikipedia
W. Stewart, Digest of the practice of the Exchequer of Pleas in Ireland, 1823, posted on Google Books

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon); from Rulers (B. Schemmel); from Regnal Chronologies; from World Rulers (E. Schulz, illustrated)
Category : Presidents of Ireland, from Wikipedia
Lists of Ambassadors List of Ambassadors from the United Kingdom to Ireland 1939-, from Wikipedia
Liste der deutschen Botschafter : Dublin, from Wikipedia German edition
Embajadores de Mexico en Irlanda (1975-), from Acervo Historico Diplomatico
Article : United States Ambassadors to Ireland (1927-), from Wikipedia
Canadian Ambassadors to Ireland 1939-, from MOFA Canada
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Church of Ireland : List of Archbishops of Armagh 1521-, Bishops of Clogher 1135-, List of Bishops of Connor 1117-, List of Bishops of Derry and Raphoe 1831-, List of Bishops of Down and Dromore 1945-, List of Bishops of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh 1841-, List of Bishops of Tuam, Killala and Achonry 1839-, Archdiocese of Dublin, Bishops of Cashel and Ossory 1977-, Bishops of Cork, Cloyne and Ross 1583-, Bishops of Limerick and Killaloe 1976-, List of Bishops of Meath and Kildare 1976-, from Wikipedia
Statistical Data Responsible Institution Central Statistics Office Ireland
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Ireland, from Population Statistics by Jan Lahmeyer
Historical Abortion Statistics, Ireland, from Johnston's Archive
Census of 1911, from National Archives of Ireland
Exchange Rates Historical Exchange Rates, from Oanda, since 1990
Federal Reserve (U.S.) : Foreign Exchange Rates, Historic
Inflation Rates Historical Inflation Rates, from Index Mundi, since 2000
Global Rates : Inflatie Ierland, graph gives dates back to 1959
Economic Statistics HNAG Database of Irish Historical Statistics
Election Results from Psephos (since 1997); from IFES Election Guide
Documents Historical Newspapers Official Gazettes Flare, Union List of Official Gazettes : Ireland
Iris Oifigiuil (Irish State News) 2002-
Article : Dublin Gazette 1705-1922, from Wikipedia
Newspaper Archive, Dublin Gazette 1706-1909, selected issues
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Specific Newspapers Irish Times Digital Archive 1859-2009
Clare County Library, Ennis Chronicle and Clare Advertiser 1805
Selected Articles History of Ireland, from World History Archives
Modern Newspapers links from Online Newspapers, from World Newspapers
Irish Online Newspaper Archives
Irish Times Digital Archive
Online Yearbooks - Ireland Entries
Propaganda Films George C. Marshall Motion Pictures
Films on History/Society Irish Film Archive at the Irish Film Institute
The Irish in Film, History, Article : Cinema of Ireland, from Wikipedia
Historical Movies by Nation : Ireland
Ireland, from Cinema of the World
Irish Movie Listing
Image Databanks Systematic Collections
Digital Photographs, National Library of Ireland
Systematic Collections
G. Stronach, The Irish Green Book 1886, IA [political cartoons]
Accidental Collections Wikimedia Commons : Ireland
Universal Collections
Items on Ireland
License Plates, from Francoplaque, from License Plates of the World
Airline Timetable Images : Ireland
Archival Deposits National Archives of Ireland, Online Databases
Ireland Documents, at Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem
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Wikisource, Constitution of Ireland, 1937
Constitution of Ireland 1950, IA
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The Chronicle of Ireland
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Bilateral Treaty Collections National Archive of Ireland, Anglo-Irish Treaty 1922 (excerpts)
Documents on Irish Foreign Policy
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Documents on Irish History from Eurodocs, merely a collection of links
Wikisource : Ireland
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Modern Gilder Lehrman Center Online Documents, most on slavery in the U.S., a good number on Ireland, scroll down
Mediaeval Documents of Ireland, CELT (Corpus of Electronic Documents)
ISOS Irish Script on Screen
Calendar of the justiciary rolls, or, Proceedings in the Court of the justiciar of Ireland preserved in the Public record office of Ireland vol.1 1905, vol.2 1905, vol.3 1905, IA
Statute Rolls of the Parliament of Ireland, vol.1 1907, IA
Calendar od Documents Relating to Ireland Preserved by Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London 1171-1251 1875, IA
Individual Documents R. Casement, The crime against Ireland and how the war may right it 1914, IA; The Crime Against Europe: A Possible Outcome of the War of 1914, 1916, IA; G.H. Knott, The Trial of Roger Casement, 1917, IA
Historical Maps responsible institutions Ordnance Survey of Ireland
UNESCO : National Map Agencies, Ordnance Survey of Ireland (OSI), Dublin
collections Ireland's History in Maps, by Dennis Walsh
Atlas of Ireland, from Wikimedia Commons
Ireland Maps, PCL, UTexas
OSI, Ireland Historical Mapping Archive
National Archives (UK), Documents Online, Early Irish maps from State Papers c.1558 - c.1610
Archival Maps, Old Maps of Ireland 1598-1893
Category : Old Maps of Ireland, Maps of the history of Ireland, Wikimedia Commons
Discus Media : The 1900 Collection, Maps of Yesteryear, Ireland
Philips' Handy Atlases of the Counties of Ireland, 1897, maproom
Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland 1900, Library Ireland
Ireland, hindsight
Ireland, contemporary Ireland 1876, 1896, 1898, 1900, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1911, 1922, 1926, 1932, 1936, 1941, 1950, 1972, Products and Industries 1906, Railways 1906, Probert Encyclopedia
detail, hindsight
detail, contemporary
Encyclopedia Entries
General Article Ireland, Provinces Connaught, Leinster, Munster, Ulster, Counties : Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, King's County, Leitrim, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow, Cities : Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, from EB 1911
Article Irland, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Religious Articles Ireland, Ardagh, Cashel, Clogher, Diocese of Cloyne, Cork, Dublin, Ferns, Diocese of Galway and Milmacduagh, Kildare and Leighlin, Killaloe, Kilmore, Limerick, Meath, Diocese of Ossory, Raphoe, Ross, Tuam, Diocese of Waterford and Lismore, from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907-1914 edition
Article Ireland, from Jewish Encyclopedia 1901-1906
Economic J. Chr. Nelkenbrecher, Allgemeines Taschenbuch der Münz-, Maass- und Gewichtskunde für Banquiers und Kaufleute (General Manual on Coinage, Measurement and Weights, for Bankers and Merchants) Berlin 1832, in German, entries Cork, Dublin, posted by DTBSWS
Political Engelland, Schott- und Irland, pp.293-442 in F.L. Bressler, Die Heutigen Christlichen Souverainen von Europa, 1698, in German, GB
Parliamentary Debates of the United Kingdom Hansard (British Parliament)
Debates relative to the affairs of Ireland: in the years 1763 and 1764 (London Parliament), vol.1, 1766, vol.2, 1766, posted on Google Books
of Ireland DATABASES
Office of the Houses of the Oireachtas Parliamentary Debates 1919-2009
The Parliamentary register : or, History of the proceedings and debates of the House of Commons of Ireland, vol.I 1781/1782, vol.II 1783/1784, vol.III 1783/1784, vol.IV 1784, vol.V 1785, vol.VI 1786, vol.VII 1787, vol.VIII 1788, vol.IX 1789, vol.X 1790, vol.XI 1791, vol.XII 1792, vol.XIII 1793, vol.XIV 1794, vol.XV 1795, vol.XVI 1796, posted on Google Books
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Official Catalogue of the New York Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations 1853, GB; Great Britain and Ireland pp.97-118
Official Catalogue of the Great Industrial Exhibition in Connexion with the Royal Dublin Society 1853 GB
The Irish Exhibition of 1853 : A Detailed Catalogue, 1854, GB
Dublin International Exhibition of Arts and Manufactures 1865, Official Catalogue, GB
Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867 : Catalogue of the British Section
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Newgrange Stone Age Passage Tomb
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