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Haiti 1859-1915

Under FABRE GEFFRARD (president 1859-1867), Petion's 1816 constitution was reinstated, steps to improve transportation and education were undertaken. A CONCORDATE with the Vaticano was signed (1860). Another influential politician able to implement a number of reforms was ETIENNE FELICITE SALOMON (1879-1888).
Haitian society was deeply split, various groups trying to establish their influence on the presidency. In the years after Solomon and especially in the years 1908-1915, administrations changed frequently. Foreign interests played an increasing role in Haitian politics, notably German investors hoping for profitable returns.
Ecclesiastically, Haiti was part of the Archdiocesis of Santo Domingo until 1861. In that year, following the Concordate, the ARCHDIOCESIS OF PORT-AU-PRINCE was established, with the suffragan dioceses CAP HAITIEN, LES CAYES, GONAYEN and PORT-DE-PAIX.
The island's population, in 1910, was 1,900,000. It's main products were coffee, sugar, cotton, tobacco.
By 1915, Germans were not only controlling much of the state's economy, but the German government was planning to establish a coal station for it's navy. When General-President JEAN VILBRUN-GUILLAUME SAM was murdered by a mob, U.S. forces occupied the country. They were to stay until 1934.

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