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First posted on June 24th 2002, last revised on November 10th 2010

The island of Hispaniola was "discovered" by Cristpher Columbus in 1492, the site of Isabella, the first European settlement in the Caribbean. Conquered and settled by the Spanish. In 1659 Spain ceded the western parts of the Island to France. The French part of the island, Saint-Domingue, became the site of a flourishing sugar and coffee plantation economy based on slave labour. From 1791 to 1804 Haiti (Hayti) saw a slave revolt which caused the white plantation owners to flee the island. Independence was proclaimed in 1804 (recognized by France in 1838). From 1821 to 1844 Haiti occupied the eastern part of the island (the present-day Dominican Republic). From 1915 to 1934 under U.S. occupation.

Haiti 1945-1986 . Haiti 1915-1945 . Haiti 1859-1918 . Haiti 1804-1859
Revolution in Haiti, 1789-1804 . St. Domingue 1659-1789

For earlier history, see under Hispaniola

Students' Papers : Na, Kunho, A World History of Synchretic Religions, 1450-1750 (2011)

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Systematic Collections
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