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Africa 1885 (Scottish Geogr. Magazine), posted by PCL, UTexas
Africa 1886 (Berthelot 1888), posted by MSU
Africa 1890, from Encyclopaedia Britannica Amer. edition, posted by PCL, UTexas
Africa, 1891 (Brockhaus/Efron, Russian edition, 1890-1904), posted by MSU
Africa in 1892, from Gardiner's Atlas of English History, 1892

Colonial Africa, 1906-1912, from Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age


A Sultanate located in eastern Chad; French spelling OUADDAI. First mentioned in the later 16th century as a dependency of DARFUR, at that time animistic; converted to Islam in the early 17th century. The capital was WARA. Under Sultan MUHAMMAD SHARIF, Wadai expanded, established it's suzerainty over BAGIRMI and raided Bornu. Visited by German explorer GUSTAV NACHTIGAL in the early 1870es. Wadai was militant and resisted French colonial expansion into the 20th century. The French established control in 1903, abolished the Sultanate in 1912, restored it in 1935. When Chad declared independence in 1960, the Sultanate again was suppressed, and restored in 1970.

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