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First posted in April 2002, Last revised on November 7th 2013

Prior to the Arrival of the Portuguese . By the arrival of the Portuguese in 1483, the territory of modern Angola was settled by an ethnically diverse population, with pygmys inhabiting dense rainforest areas, and Bantu peoples practising agriculture in regions with arable soil. The Kingdom of Kongo, located at the estuary of the Congo River, was the most prominent polity.

1483-1648 . Portugal established relations with the Kingdom of Kongo; the king converted to Catholicism. The expansion of sugar plantations in (Portuguese) Brazil (since the 1530s) caused an increasing demand in African slaves; Kongo and its vassal Ndongo were areas where the Portuguese acquired slaves in significant numbers. In 1556 Ndongo broke away from Kongo and declared independence. In 1575 the Portuguese erecxted a fort in Luanda. Since 1622, Kongo was at war with Portugal; in 1641 the Kingdom of Kongo allied with the Dutch W.I.C. The W.I.C. held Luanda from 1641 to 1648.

1648-1880 . In 1671 Portugal annexed Ndongo. Kongo had been militarily defeated by the Portuguese in 1661. Portugal maintained two forts in Angola, Luanda and Benguela. Portuguese interest in Angola mainly lay in the procurement of slaves. The abolition of slave trade in 1815 had a significant impact, although the smuggling of slaves continued for some time. In the 19th century, the Portuguese undertook expeditions into the Central African interior.

1880-1974 . Henry Morton Stanley and King Leopold II of Belgium were the driving forces behind the International Association of the Congo, which transmutated into the Congo Free State in 1885; it covered the Congo Basin, but required a narrow strip of land along the estuary of the Congo River (which was claimed by Portugal). The Congo Free State gained international backing and prevailed; thus, Cabinda was separated from the remainder of Angola. Angola's borders were established in agreements with Germany (South West Africa), Britain (Zambia), the Congo Free State and France (French Congo).
When by the early 1960s most African colonies were released into independence, Portugal held on to its colonies. Several organizations took up armed resistance, most notably the MPLA, with Soviet support. Following the Velvet Revolution in Portugal in 1974, Portugal agreed to releasing Angola into independence.

1975-1995 . In 1975 Angola declared independence, but in fact was partitioned into territories held by the MPLA (including capital Luanda; supported by the USSR and Cuba), the Frelimo (supported by the U.S. and the D.R. Congo) and the UNITA (supported by South Africa). Angola became the battleground of the First Angolan Civil War. The conflict was part of the Cold War, in which Cuban soldiers participated supporting the MPLA and South African soldiers fought supporting the UNITA. The collapse of Communism in 1989-1991 brought about an end to the Cold War; with the withdrawal of foreign troops, the First Angolan Civil War transmutated into the Second Angolan Civil War (1991-1995).

1995- . The lengthy civil war period ended in 1995. The development of an oil industry ensured revenues which helped finance reconstruction and development.

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