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Literature on the History of West Africa
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First posted in April 2002, Last revised on November 7th 2013

Precolonial History, to 1884 . The territory which was to become Kamerun/Cameroon/Cameroun during the Scramble for Africa was neither a political nor cultural unity before the Germans appeared. In the southern, coastal areas political units were rather small and the religion practised animistic. Further north the Muslim Sultanbate of Sokoto, with it's center in Northern Nigeria, extended into Cameroon (the province of Ademaua). It's dominant ethnic group were the Muslim Fulani; Islam was state religion, but they ruled over many animistic peoples.
The northernmost stretch of Cameroon, adjacent to Lake Chad, was part of the Kotoko which were conquered by the Empire of Bornu late in the 19th century and converted to Islam.
Protestant mission, by British, West Indian and American missionaries, began in 1845 at Victoria near Bimbia, in the coastal region. The chiefs of Duala offered to cede stretches along the coast to Britain as early as 1833; an offer which was repeated several times. The natives hoped the British would guarantee, and at the same time respect the Dualans' monopoly in the trade with the interior. The British, however, hesitated, fearing a protectorate over Cameroons would become a financial burden. When Britain, fearing French attempts for a colonial acquisition, acted, they were surprised by a German "coup".
In 1884, Gustav Nachtigal arrived, obtained treaties from local chiefs and proclaimed Kamerun (at that time only a coastal stretch of territory) a German colony. Germany had trading interests in the area, second only to the British.

German Colony, 1884-1917
ESTABLISHMENT . German explorer Gustav Nachtigal in 1884 obtained a treaty of chiefs from the coastal region asking for German protection, and a German protectorate was proclaimed the same year, which gained international recognition at the Berlin Conference of 1884/1885. Agreements fixing Cameroon's borders were signed with France in 1894, with Britain in 1906. Until 1891 the colony officially was referred to as Deutsch-Westafrika and consisted of two parts, Kamerun and Togoland; the Governor resided in Buea (Kamerun); in 1891, Togoland was made a separate colony. From 1896 to 1901 the colony was referred to as Deutsch-Nordwestafrika (German Northwest Africa).
In the early years the colony lacked funding and consequently developed slowly. The geography was a major obstacle - few, short stretches of navigable rivers; mountain ranges with deep valleys - the terrain made railway construction extremely difficult and thus made the development of many hinterland resources unprofitable. In addition, the native coastal population resisted attempts by the whites to penetrate into the interior, as they regarded the trade with the interior their monopoly.
The Germans established their seat of administration at Buea, on the slopes of Mount Kamerun, in plantation country. Duala, located less excentrally, often provided the place for council meetings.
At the head of the colony was the Governor, the first of whom was von Soden who arrived in 1885. In 1903 a Gouvernementsrat (Advisory Council) was established, consisting of planters, traders and missionaries - all whites.
In the various districts, the government was represented by the District Officials, on a lower level by Station Heads. These officials were responsible for administration and jurisdiction and even could impose the death penalty, which required the governor's countersignature.
ADMINISTRATION . The colonial administration respected, with certain limitations, traditional law as applied by the chieftains. The station heads or district officials functioned as a higher instance, if applied to, For whites, the basic court was the Bezirksgericht (District Court); the highest court in the country the Obergericht in Duala. For natives, the higher instance was the governor or a judge appointed by him.
A Polizeitruppe (police force) was established in 1891, recruited mainly abroad, most notably from Dahomeyans. A Schutztruppe (protective troops) was created in 1895.
RELIGION . Ecclesiastically, Kamerun was seceded from the Apostolic Vicariate of Gabon in 1890 and established as a separate Apostolic Prefecture, which in 1904 was elevated to an Apostolic Vicariat. Its area of responsibility, however, was limited to Kamerun's south; the north formed part of the Apostolic Vicariate of Sudan/Central Africa, from which it was separated and declared the Apostolic Prefecture of Adamaua in 1914.
ECONOMY . The most important export product was Natural Rubber, growing wild in the forest, collected mostly by natives who sold it to German traders; the government profitted by raising duties on exported rubber, the colony's major revenue. The Germans established a plantation economy (Cocoa, Bananas, Palm Oil, Tobacco). Demand for African labour was great; the natives unwilling to take upon themselves regular hard work. Labor shortage was a constant complaint of plantation owners and businessmen.
Almost every year the German government had to subsidize the colony in order to balance it's budget. Construction material for the railways, for administration buildings etc. had to be imported. The Germans did establish an infrastructure - they developed Duala into a city, built railroads, schools and hospitals. The colony's population in 1912 was 2,600,000.
TREATMENT OF THE NATIVES . The native peoples of the Cameroons were sceptical of the German colonial masters. The coastal population long had desired a protectorate, understanding it would guarantee peace amongst themselves and protect them against other foreign powers' pressure as well as against slave raids. On the other hand they were determined to preserve their trading monopoly with the interior; they were very sceptical of Germans attempting to penetrate into what they regarded their hinterland. Many were also unwilling to work on plantations, on the railway construction lines or in mines for longer periods of time.
In the early years, the British enjoyed a high reputation and some British traders succeeded in causing coastal villages to resist German rule. Later, German attempts to penetrate into the interior were repeatedly attacked; the station at Yaunde repeatedly was cut off from communication with the coast.
The colonial administration, attempting to teach the native population to focus more on agriculture, to make up for losses in trade, as well as to introduce civilisation (discourage polygamy, for example), had to proceed with patience. In the early years of the 20th century, the colony was pacified, civilian district officers had replaced military commanders almost everywhere. Armed resistance had ceased.
The policy as regards treatment of the natives differed from governor to governor. Acting governor Leist (-1895) was accused of cruelty; under him the Dahomeyan soldiers of the Polizeitruppe rebelled. Governor Seitz aimed at protecting the rights of the natives and integrating them in the lower levels of the administration.
EXPANSION 1911 . In 1911 in the Second Moroccan Crisis, Germany finally gave up it's claim for the Moroccan port of Agadir in exchange for a large stretch of territory in northern Gabon and Northern Moyen Congo, ceded by France (Germany also ceded a stretch of Cameroonese territory in the North, which extended far east). The newly acquired territory - 195,000 square km - was of limited value, most of it overgrown by the jungle. Germany had little time to either develop or exploit it.
In 1914, World War I broke out and the colony of Kamerun was surrounded by enemy territory - British Nigeria in the west, French Equatorial Africa in the east and south. Only Spanish Guinea and the Portuguese islands of Sao Tome and Principe were neutral neighbours. In 1916, the colony was invaded by British, Belgian and French troops, which established their respective military administrations; the lion's share fell to the French.

French/British Mandate, 1917-1960 . In 1916, Kamerun was occupied by British, Belgian and French troops. The British took two stretches of territory along the Nigerian border under military administration; the area, called Cameroons, was for decades treated as an annex to Nigeria.
The lions share of Cameroon was occupied by French troops. France reintegrated the territories ceded to Germany in 1911 and took the remainder, as Cameroun Colony, under military administration, in 1919 officially granted to France as a League of Nations Mandate.
French Cameroun became a part of French Equatorial Africa, the capital of which was Brazzaville. In 1922, the capital of Cameroun was moved from Duala to Yaounde.
The French extended the railway system, established more plantations, developed the colony's economy.
Reflecting the political reality, British Cameroons, as the Apostolic Prefecture of Buea, was separated from the Apostolic Vicariate of Cameroon. In 1931 the Apostolic Vicariate of Cameroun was renamed AV of Yaounde; the Apostolic Prefecture of Duala was split off. In 1932, Duala was elevated an Apostolic Vicariate, in 1934 the AP Adamawa was elevated an AV and rechristened Foumban; in 1939, Buea was elevated an AV.
In the early 1920es, Germans had repurchased some property in British Cameroons; in the 1930es, German interest groups lobbied for the return of Germany's ex-colonies, a matter which was diplomatically discussed during the Appeasement years. In 1938, in Cameroun the Jeucafra movement was founded, being vehemently opposed to the return of German rule.
With the outbreak of World War II, German property was confiscated. In 1940, the capital of French Cameroun was moved back from Yaounde to Douala; in 1946 again to Yaounde. The colony of French Cameroun soon recognized the Free French administration at Brazzaville. From 1940 to 1946, Cameroun was administrated by governors.
After World War II, Cameroun was given an assembly (1946), the African population the right to vote; French Equatorial Africa was represented in the French National Assembly. However, the political tendency favoured independence over integration. The status of the country was elevated from a colony to an overseas territory, the administration now laid in the hands of a high commissioner. In fact, the countries administration continued to be dominated by whites.
In 1948, the UPC (Union des populations du Cameroun) was founded; dissatisfied with the progress of democratization, it went underground in 1955 and took up armed struggle.
In 1957, French Equatorial Africa was dissolved. The country's assembly was given legislative powers; the office of prime minister was introduced, to be filled by Camerounians.
Cameroun declared independence in 1960, as did neighbouring British Nigeria. In British Cameroons, a plebiscite was held regarding the areas future (1961). The northern part voted for integration into Nigeria, the southern part for reintegration into Cameroun.
Ecclesiastically, in 1949 AP Doume was detached from AV Garoua; in 1953, Buea was elevated a bishopric, in 1955 Yaounde, Duala, Doume, Garoua followed, as did Foumban under the new name Nkongsamba.

Independence, 1960- . In 1960, Cameroun became an independent republic, and Ahmadou Ahidjo the country's first president. Government was dominated by the Union Camerounaise, which represented the Northerners; Southerners felt ill-represented and the country soon was in rebellion, which was put down with French military assistance.
Ahidjo transferred Cameroun into a One-Party-State. In 1962, a federal constitution was passed, which was replaced by a unified, centralized state in 1972. In the 1970es, oil was found, boosting the economy. In 1991/1992, transition to multiparty democracy took place.

Historical Atlas : Cameroon Page

Students' Paper : Chang, HyeJin, Environmental History of West Africa (2012)

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