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Literature on the History of Central Africa
Gabon D.R. Congo
First posted on April 7th 2007, last revised on November 4th 2013

Pre 1910 . In 1843 France established a colony in Libreville (Gabon), for the purpose of settling freed slaves. It became the nucleus of the colony of Gabon, which expanded along the coast and along the Ogooue River. In 1880 Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza established Brazzaville, nucleus for the French colony of Moyen Congo (French Congo). In 1894 the colony of Oubangi-Chari was proclaimed, in 1906 Oubangui-Chari was merged with Chad.

1910-1957 . The public attention to colonial mismanagement created by the Congo Free State Propaganda War (1903-1910) caused France to federate its Central African colonies (Gabon, French Congo, Oubangi-Chari and Chad) to French Equatorial Africa, capital Brazzaville.
In 1911 part of its territory was ceded to Germany (Cameroon), in the context of a Franco-German agreement in which Germany accepted France's claim over Morocco. During World War I, French troops occupied most of Cameroon, which was administrated as an annex to French Equatorial Africa. The constituent colonies maintained their separate administrations.
In June 1940, France surrendered to Germany and a new French government was formed with seat in Vichy. French general Charles de Gaulle set up a Free French administration in Brazzaville, which continued the war with Germany. The Free French administration, dependent on the support of the African population, promised a change in the treatment of the Africans. French propaganda advocated integration and assimilation. Yet in the years 1945-1960, France needed large sums of money to facilitate its debt, pay for reconstruction and develop the country; instead of investing significantly in the colonies, revenue was drawn from them to be invested in the motherland.
The French defeat in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 came at a point when many Africans no longer believed in French promises, and the demand for independence quickly spread. In 1957, French Equatorial Africa was dissolved.

Post 1957 . In 1960, Chad, the Central African Republic (hitherto Oubangi-Chari), the Republic of Congo (French Congo or Moyen Congo), Gabon and Cameroon became independent.

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