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Literature on the History of Central Africa
Cameroon Rep. Congo
First posted in April 2002, Last revised on November 5th 2013

1843-1910 . Libreville was established in 1843 as a French outpost for the resettlement of freed slaves. It became the capital of the colony of Gabon, which gradually was expanded along the coast and the banks of the Ogooue River. In 1880 Brazzaville was established, which became the capital of the French colony of Moyen Congo (French Congo). From 1880 to 1905, Gabon and Moyen Congo had a common administration; in 1905 they were separated. In 1910 the French colonies of Gabon, Moyen Congo, Oubangi-Chari and Chad federated to form French Equatorial Africa (AEF).

1910-1960 . From 1910 to 1957, Gabon was part of AEF, the capital of which was Brazzaville (Moyen Congo). Gabon attracted some attention when missionary Albert Schweitzer managed his hospital in Lambarene (Gabon). In 1957, AEF was dissolved; in 1960, Gabon became independent.

1960 . Independence.

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