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First posted in April 2002, Last revised on November 6th 2013

1472-1875 . In 1472 Portuguese navigator Diogo Cao reached the mouth of the Congo. On March 24 1778 Portugal ceded its claim to Fernando Poo and Annobon, as well as to a corresponding stretch of the African coast, to Spain (Treaty of El Pardo). In 1778 the first Spanish expedition, under the Conde de Argelejo, arrived. Spanish settlers took up residence on Fernando Poo; until the 1880s Spain undertook no effort to establish outposts on the mainland. In 1815, the European powers had agreed on the abolition of the slave trade. In the following years British ships used Fernando Poo as a port for ships patroling the Guinea coast to stop the now illegal slave trade. In 1839-1841, Spain declined a British offer to purchase the island. The Vicariate Apostolic of Annobon, Corisco and Fernando Poo Islands was established in 1855. In the later 19th century, Spanish authorities deported Cuban prisoners to Fernando Poo (on Cuba several rebellions against Spanish rule took place). Also, freed Cuban slaves were settled on Fernando Poo.

1875-1968 . During the partition of Africa in the 1880s, Spain found its claim to possession on the mainland largely ignored; only a small territory, Rio Muni, in 1900 was ultimately recognized by France as Spanish possession. When Britain and France released their African colonies into independence in the 1960s, Spain held on to its colonies; Spanish Guinea (= Rio Muni) and Fernando Poo upon independence in 1968 merged to form Guinea Equatorial.
During the establishment of (British, French, German) colonies on the African mainland, Fernando Poo was of significant logistical importance.

Independence . The Nguema regime 1968-1979 was a period of brutal repression; he was ousted in a coup, and executed.

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