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Belize, 1918-1945

In 1919 a protest by black soldiers against white rule escalated in a riot.
British colonial administration provided political stability. Yet, the economy was severely hit by the Great Depression. In addition, Belize city was devastated by a hurricane in 1931. Political dissatisfaction resulted in the establishment of a trade union. In 1936, elections were introduced for the colony's assembly; the franchise was restricted to literate men of property.
As a British colony, British Honduras was drawn into World War II in September 1939. In 1941, a movement demanding universal adult suffrage (i.e. abolishing the literacy, property and income restrictions) gained wide support among the population; LABOUR UNIONS were legalized.

In 1931, British Honduras had 51,347 inhabitants. The largest city was Belize (21,683, in 1926). In 1935 BH had 40 km of railroad, in 1937 238 km of roads; in 1938, 134 cars and 112 trucks were registered. In 1936, state revenues amounted to 1,598 million $, expenses to 1.389 million $. Main trade partners were the USA and the British Empire. The main export item was mohagony, main import items included lumber, flour etc.; imports exceeded exports by over 2:1.

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