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Mexico 1867-1911

The war against the French interventionist force 1862-1867 was as much a Mexican Civil War as a war to preserve Mexican independence against a foreign force, for the French had come at the request of Mexico's conservatives. By 1867, the Conservative Party was utterly discredited. The liberals under BENITO JUAREZ had carried the victory and held on to power over the next decades. Among Juarez' successors, two-time president PORFIRIO DIAZ stood out. After his second election in 1884, Diaz circumvented the constitution and prolonged his stay in office, disappointing true liberals and true republicans.
The period from 1880 to 1907 saw an economic boom. Mexico's mining industry expanded (silver, copper); oil was found. A domestic textile industry emerged; the country's cotton production increased, so that cotton had not to be imported any more. Mexico's railroad network was greatly expanded.
Most of the land remained property of a few; the wage level was low and poor harvests, such as in 1891-1892 could quicly lead to critical situations. Widespread dissatisfaction in Mexico's countryside finally lead to the rebellion of 1910. In 1910, Mexico had a population of 13,604,000.

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