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Mexico 1911-1945

In 1910 dissatisfaction with the quasi-dictatorship of President PORFIRIO DIAZ as well as the adversities under which the population on the countryside had to live with resulted in the outbreak of the MEXICAN CIVIL WAR (1910-1920). Rebel leaders such as EMILIO ZAPATA and more dubious warlords such as PANCHO VILLA emerged, the latter staging cross-border raids into the United States and causing a U.S. expedition against him into Mexico.
During World War I, Mexico stayed neutral. Central Powers' hopes to draw Mexico into the war on their side did not materialize, because Mexico politically was paralyzed through the ongoing civil war.
In 1920 the civil war ended and the ONE PARTY SYSTEM was established, according to which the NATIONAL REVOLUTIONARY PARTY (PNR) monopolized political power, but also guaranteed political stability, a precondition for economic development. Political succession was, from now on, decided behind closed doors within the party. In the crisis of 1940, the party was rechristened REVOLUTIONARY PARTY OF MEXICO (PRM); it was to dominate Mexican policy throughout the remainder of the century.
In 1938, Mexico's petrol industry was nationalized.
Mexico entered the League of Nations in 1931. In World War II, German diplomats again hoped to draw Mexico into the war on the side of the Axis Powers. In vain, as Mexico declared war on Germany in 1942.

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