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Colombian Panama, 1821-1903

Since 1821, Panama formed a part of Grand Colombia, since 1830 of Colombia. While it was no more an artery of Spain's colonial Empire, it continued to be of strategic importance.
Both the United States as well as Great Britain were interested in opening improved transportation across the isthm. In 1848-1855, the TRANS-PANAMA RAILROAD was built by W.H. ASPINALL. In 1850, Britain and the USA signed the CLAYTON-BULWER TREATY, according to which neither country should have exclusive rights to a transcontinental transportation line. A NICARAGUA CANAL was discussed. In 1878, FERDINAND DE LESSEPS acquired a concession to construct the Panama Canal. Work began in 1881, yet the project suffered from maladministration, tropical diseases and insufficient funding. The company went bankrupt in 1889. The French rights were sold to the U.S. in 1901.
In 1900 the Diocesis of Cartagena (Colombia) was elevated to an archdiocesis, the diocesis of Panama being transferred from Lima to the new archdiocesis of Cartagena.
US troops landed in the Colombian state of Panama in 1856, 1860, 1865, 1873, 1885, 1901 and 1902 to protect US interests. In 1902 they took control of the railway stations and deployed troops to prevent the landing of Colombian forces.

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