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Panama Independenct, 1903-1918

In 1903 the U.S. government signed the HAY-HERRAN TREATY with Colombia, granting the U.S. a stretch of territory to construct the canal. The Colombian senate refused to sign it; the U.S. encouraged an insurrection, which lead to the establishment of the Republic of Panama (1903).
Work on the construction of the canal lasted 11 years - it was opened in August 1914, just when World War I was to break out. Although the CANAL ZONE had been leased to the US for 99 years, the canal meant employment for a considerable part of Panama's population; here lay the largest cities, Panama City (not inside the zone, but very close), Colon.
As the republic went through a turbulent history, U.S. forces were landed several times, to secure the canal - in 1908, 1912, 1918.
Panama, with it's close ties to the U.S.A., declared war on the Central Powers late in World War I, without dispatching combat troops.
In 1910, Panama's population was about 420.000.
US troops landed in Panama (outside the Canal Zone) in 1904, 1912 and 1918.

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