1945-1964 History of Afghanistan 1973-1978

Afghanistan 1964-1973

Administration . In 1964 PM Mohammad Daoud was ousted; the country was declared a constitutional monarchy (King Zahir Shah). Elections were held in 1965 and in 1969. The PDPA (Communist Party) had been secretly established in 1965.

Foreign Policy . Ayub Khan, president of Pakistan, visited Kabul in 1964. During the Second Indo-Pakistani War (1965) Afghanistan remained neutral. In Afghanistan there still was a strong group of proponents for the annexation of Pashtunistan, a topic which in 1964-1973 was not government priority. The president of the PR China visited in 1966, the USSR head of state in 1967, the Soviet PM in 1968, as did the PM of France. In 1971 the Conference of Foreign Ministers of Islamic Countries met in Kabul.

The Economy . The Second Five Year Development Plan (1961-1966), due to improvements in the country's infrastructure, resulted in economic growth; the mining sector expanded due to the discovery of gas fields and iron ore deposits. In 1964, the Salang highway, constructed by Soviet engineers was opened, linking Kabul and Kandahar with Turkmenistan. In 1973 Afghanistan, especially Ghor Province, suffered from famine.

Social History . The constitution of 1964 made elementary education free and mandatory, for boys and girls, and stated equality of both genders in front of the law. In 1965 for the first time a woman was appointed cabinet minister (of health).
In 1969, Kabul University temporarily was closed because of student unrest.

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