History of Kazakhstan

General Governorship of the Steppe, 1882-1917

The General Governorship of the Steppe was formed in 1882 and at first included the Governorates of Akmolisk, Semipalatinsk and Semirechye; the Governorates of Uralsk and Turgay remained direcly under the Ministry of the Interior in St. Petersburg. The General Governor was Governor of Omsk and resided there.
In 1897, the Governorate of Semirechye was placed under the General Governor of Turkestan, while the Governorates of Uralsk and Turgay were placed under the General Governor of Omsk. The population of the General Governorship in 1897, prior to the territorial changes, was 2,362,603 (Brockhaus), in 1897, following the territorial changes of that year, was 2,472,931 (EB).
The Semirechye Cossack Host, created in 1867 by separation from the Siberian Cossack Host, was placed under the General Governorship of the Steppe in 1882, under the General Governorship of Turkestan in 1899.

During the Russian Civil War the General Governorate of the Steppe long was held by the Whites. Within her territory, Alash Orda (i.e. eastern Kazakhstan) was run by an autonomous government. Admiral Kolchak temporarily declared Omsk capital of Russia (1918).

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