History of Uzbekistan Turkestan SSR 1918-1924

General Governorate of Turkestan

Established in 1867, consisting of Syr Darya, Semirechye Oblasts and Zeravshan Okrug. In 1873 Amu Darya Otdel, in 1876 Ferghana Oblast annexed; in 1882 Semirechye Oblast ceded to General Governorate of the Steppe. In 1897 Transcaspian Oblast (hitherto to General Governorate Caucasia) and Semirechye Oblast annexed. Capital Tashkent. The General Governorate of Turkestan in her borders of 1898 was split in two by the Emirates of Bukhara and Khiva, Russian vassall states since 1868 respectively 1873.
The Transcaspian Railway, from Uzun Ada on the Caspian Sea, reached Samarkand in 1888, Tashkent in 1897. In 1906 direct rail link with Orenburg was established, facilitating a stronger influx of Russian immigrants.

A remote border region within the Russian Empire, long under military administration, Turkestan was administrated by an ethnic Russian elite with little sympathy for the native Muslim population. Excesses of a corrupt administration were most manifest in the Transcaspian region (Pahlen Report 1908-1910). When Muslim men, hitherto exempt from military service, were forced to join labour battalions, the Basmachi Revolt broke out, which was only defeated in 1922-1923.

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