1914-1918 History of Iran Iran 1926-1941

Persia 1918-1926

Iran as a Pawn in the International Power Game . With the Russian Empire in the middle of a revolution, Britain temporarily established a protectorate over Persia (1919-1921), not the least in order to protect her interest in the Persian oil fields in Khuzestan.
In 1920-1921, Iran was the battlground for skirmishes between British and Soviet troops.

Administration . In 1921 Reza Pahlevi took power in a bloodless coup, assuming the position of war minister, since 1923 that of prime minister; in 1925 he had himself elected Shah.

Foreign Policy . In the Paris Peace Conference in January 1919 the Persian Delegation demanded that treaties forced upon the Persian government in 1907 were nullified, and that the Transcaspia, Merv, Khiva, the Caucasus, and Derbent regions were restored to Iran, without success. In 1920, Persia joined the League of Nations.

Territorial Integrity . In Khuzestan, Sheikh Khaz'al, under British protection, ruled rather independently. When the Russian civil war spilled over into Iran (Soviet invasion 1920), the country became battleground between British and Bolshevik forces. In this context, the Soviet Republic of Gilan (June 1920 - September 1921, full title Persian Socialist Soviet Republic) was established. In October 1924 the Persian army launched a campaign against the independent-minded Bakhtiari chiefs and against Sheikh Khazal, imposing central government control. In 1924-1925 the Turkomans of eastern Iran rebelled.

The Economy . From 1917 to 1919 northern Persia suffered famine due to drought and crop failure.
An Anglo-Iranian Agreement signed in 1919, which secured the APOC's rights to produce oil and according to which London was to extend a credit to Persia, was never ratified.
In 1925, the first domestically-owned bank, Bank Pahlavi Qoshun (now Bank Sepah) was established.

Cultural History . The Persian Calendar was introduced in 1925.

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