1985-1991 History of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan since 1991

In December 1991 Nursultan Nazarbayev was elected president; Kazakhstan declared independence. By the end of the year, the USSR disintegrated. Kazakhstan joined the CIS and was admitted member of the UN (1992), CSCE (1992). A new constitution was passed in 1993. In 1995 a military and economic cooperation pact with Russia was signed (the country had a strong ethnically Russian population element; Russian economic interests (oil, coal) were of central importance; the Russian space program uses Baikonur in Kazakhstan as launch site).
In 1997 an oil deal was signed with China, an indicator of Kazakhstan attempting to reduce her economic dependency on Russia. The capital wasmoved from Almaty to Akmola (former Tselinograd), closer to the Russian border. In 1998 the new capital was renamed Astana.

In 1991-1993, c.30,000 ethnic Kazakhs emigrated from Mongolia's Bayan-*Ouml;lgii Province, where Kazakhs form the population majority, to Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh National Olympic Committee was established in 1990, received recognition by the IOC in 1993.

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