Alash Orda
History of Kyrgyzstan

Kirghiz ASSR, 1920-1926

In 1920, the Kirghiz Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic was established, comprising of modern Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan (the southern borders being somewhat different from the modern borders). The capital was Orenburg (Russia); in 1924 the capital was moved to Kzyl-Orda. By contrast to Alash Orda, which administrated the area in 1917-1920, the administrative personnel of the Kirghiz ASSR was largely composed of ethnic Russians.
When the USSR was founded in December 1922, the Kirghiz ASSR, as a part of the RSFSR, became member. In October 1924 most of Semirechenye and Syr Daryisk Oblasts were annexed into the Kirghiz ASSR. In 1925 the Kirghiz ASSR was renamed Kazakh ASSR.
In 1926 a separate Kirghiz ASSR was established, the capital of the Kazakh ASSR was moved from Kzyl Orda to Alma Ata (Almaty, the former Verniy). Former capital Orenburg and environs were ceded to Russia.

For the history since 1926, see Kazakhstan 1926-1945, Kyrgyzstan 1926-1945

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