1926-1945 History of Kyrgyzstan since 1991

Kyrgyzstan since 1991

Mountainous Kyrghyzstan was one of the more remote regions of the USSR. While capital Frunze attracted some industries, and with it an ethnically Russian/Ukrainian workforce, the countryside was too mountainous to be affected much by the Soviet expansion of cotton cultuvation in Central Asia.
In 1990, a conflict between ethnic Uzbeks and Kyrgyz over land and housing near Osh escalated into riots; the state of emergency was declared. ASKAR AKAYEV, a 'liberal' member of the Communist Party, was elected president. When Gorbachev was checkmated by the Communist coup d'etat in summer 1991, Akayev supported Russia's President Yeltsin.

Timetable History of Kyrgyzstan, from BBC News
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