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Russian Turkestan

On April 30th 1918, the hitherto Russian province of Turkestan was proclaimed Turkestan A.S.S.R, within the RSFSR. On Dec. 30th 1922 it, within the RSFSR, became part of the newly established USSR. The Turkestan A.S.S.R. was declared dissolved, her territory partitioned among the Uzbek, Tajik and Turkmen SSRs.
The Turkestan ASSR was a political anomaly, as it contained of two stretches of territory separated by the former Emirates of Bukhara and Khiva, in 1920 transformed into the People's Soviet Republic of Bukhara respectively Khorezm (Khiva).
These arrangements were of little importance, as the country since 1916 was engulfed in the Basmachi Revolt, was battleground between Basmachi forces, White forces and the Red Army; the areas under Russian/Soviet control were under military administration. Following the death of Basmachi commander Enver Pasha in 1922 Soviets gradually expanded the area under thir control; when the administration was transferred from military to civilian authorities, Russian Turkestan was reorganized among ethnic lines.

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