1895-1917 History of Tajikistan 1929-1945

Tajikistan 1917-1929

During the Russian Revolution temporarily indigenous Muslim political entities emerged; they were dissolved by the Red Army. Soviet authorities promoted ATHEISM and barred Muslims from holding office. Resistance continued in form of the BASMACHI REVOLT (1918-1920).
In 1921 Russian Tajikistan became part of the TURKESTAN ASSR, the remainder part of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIK OF BUKHARA. The Basmachi Revoly resumed under the impact of socialist reforms (1923-1933). In 1924 the the TAJIK ASSR was carved out of Tajik sections of the Turkestan ASSR and the Bukharan SSR; it formed part of the new UZBEK SSR. In 1929 the Tajik ASSR was elevated into the TAJIK SSR.

Timeline History of Tajikistan, frpm BBC News
REFERENCE Article : Tajikistan, in : Statesman's Yearbook 1928 pp.1266-1267, 1929 p.1243 [G]

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