History of Touva 1929-1944

Touva 1914-1929

In 1911, in the course of the CHINESE REVOLUTION, (outer) Mongolia achieved political independence. In 1912, the URJANCHAI REPUBLIC (= Tannu Touva) declared independence. In 1914 Czar Nicholas II. proclaimed a Protectorate over the territory of TANNU-TOUVA. In 1918 Tannu Touva became battleground; White troops (Kolchak), Chinese and Mongol troops occupied part of the country. In February 1920, the territory was annexed into China. Soon after, Red Army troops entered the country. On August 14th 1921 the (independent) PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF TANNU-TOUVA was proclaimed; in 1926 the country was renamed Touva.
The capital was KYZYL.
The landlocked country, remotely located, attracted worldwide attention by the issuance of stamps, begun in 1926.

Land of the Shamans, by Erik Flesch
Republic of Touva Timetable, from Ball State University
DOCUMENTS Flags of Touva, from FOTW
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REFERENCE Violet Conolly, Soviet Economic Policy in the East, London : Oxford UP 1933; pp.91-115 on Tana Tuva [G]

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