Turkmenistan 1925-1945

The TURKMEN SOCIALIST SOVIET REPUBLIC was founded in 1925, with the capital Poltoratsk, which in 1927 was renamed Ashkhabad. In 1928-1930 the Latin alphabet was introduced, replacing the Arab script. The STALINIST PURGES claimed prominent victims in Turkmenistan, among them the (communist) president and prime minister. The Soviet authorities propagated ATHEISM.
In 1929 the population of the Turkmen SSR was given as 992,000, in 1933 1,258,900; that of capital Ashkhabad (1933) 79,000.
When, during World War II (since 1941) the industrialized western regions of Russia were devastated by the German invasion, factories were established all over the Soviet Union, some also in the cities of Turkmenistan. An industrial workforce, mainly ethnic Russians and Ukrainians, migrated into these cities to work these factories.

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