Turkmenistan 1945-1991

After World War II had ended in a Russian victory, the industries of Turkmenistan's cities lost in relative importance for the economy of the USSR. Under Khrushchev, the economic development of Central Asia was declared a goal of national policy; desert regions, via irrigation, were to be turned into cotton fields ('the white gold of Asia'). The implementation of this policy (the LENIN KARA-KUM CANAL) had far-reaching consequences (the shrinking of Lake Aral etc.). In 1965, Turkmenistan had a population of 1,862,000.
The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979) and the subsequent war in Afghanistan (-1990) was of importance to Turkmenistan, as it borders on the former and shares with the population of Afghanistan Islamic religion.
In 1986 Annamurad Khodzhamuradov became party leader of Turkmenistan; while he remained loyal to the USSR, he refused to implement Gorbachev's reform policy. The various Soviet republics received a wider degree of autonomy in 1990; with the dissolution of the USSR late in 1991, Turkmenistan, now lead by Saparmurat Niyazov, formally became independent. Niyazov was among the supporters of the coup that temporarily ousted Gorbachev in 1991.

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