1925-1945 History of Uzbekistan since 1991

Uzbekistan 1945-1991

After the Sovuet victory in World War II, Russia's industrial centers in the areas affected by the German invasion resumed production, and the wartime industries found in Central Asia relatively lost in importance for the Russian economy. In the 1960s, stretches of desert were transferred, via an ambitious irrgigation project, into cotton fields (the White Gold of Asia).
The Soviet invasion of AFGHANISTAN and the subsequent civil war in that country affected Uzbekistan as it not only shares a common border with Afghanistan, but also because Uzbeks live on both sides of the border.
In 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev introduced his policy of Glasnost and Perestroyka. The authorities in Uzbekistan soon enjoyed a wider degree of political autonomy. In 1989 pogroms occurred in the Fergana valley, directed against MESHKETIAN TURKS which, originating from GEORGIA, had forcefully been resettled there by Stalin in 1944. Also in 1989, anti-Russian riots occurred in Tashkent.
In 1990 ISLAM KARIMOV was elected president of Uzbekistan. During the communist coup against Gorbachev in summer 1991, he supported the coupists. Later in 1991, Uzbekistan declared independence; at the end of 1991,

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