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Punjab Emirate of Bukhara
First posted on June 11th 2010

In 1823 Dost Mohammad Khan established control over the remnants of the Durrani Empire. His capital was Kandahar. He held on to his position during the First Anglo-Afghan War 1838-1842, annexed Kunduz with Balkh in 1850, Herat in 1863. After his death in 1863 the country briefly was divided in two (Kandahar, Kabul); Sher Ali reunited both by taking Kabul in 1868.
The years 1878 to 1895 saw intense Anglo-Russian rivalry in Central Asia ("The Great Game"). British India and the Russian Empire agreed in regarding Afghanistan as a buffer state separating both. Anglo-Russian agreements delineated the mutual spheres of influence and defined Afghanistan as including all the territory separating both. Thus Afghanistan was enlarged by territory prteviously not regarded being Afghan, Kafiristan (conquered & converted to Islam after the Robertson expedition 1890-1891), Afghan Baluchistan (in consequence of the Durrand Line 1893), the Wakhan Corridor (1895, hitherto part of Badakhshan). On the other hand, the Durrand Line of 1893 defined what since 1901 formed the North West Frontier Province as part of British India.
In 1926 the Emirate of Afghanistan became the Kingdom of Afghanistan.

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