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Ottoman Empire
First posted on June 22nd 2010

The Ak Koyunlu (White Sheep Turks) were a Turkoman tribe of pastoral nomadic warriors, first recorded as being in Eastern Anatolia in 1340. Subject to Tamerlane's short-lived Timurid Empire. Tamerlane granted the Ak Koyunlu the land around Diyarbakr. Following the deathg of Tamerlane in 1405, the process of the dissolution of the Timurid Empire began, and the Ak Koyunlu became a polity of their own, long outshadowed by their neighbours, the Kara Koyunlu (or Black Sheep Turks). In 1467 the Ak Koyunlu defeated and conquered the Kara Koyunlu, and established an Empire which included Eastern Anatolia, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan and most of modern Iran except for parts of Khorasan.
In the early 16th century they were challenged by the Safavid Order; in 1508 the Ak Koyunlu Dynasty was terminated, succeeded by the Safavid Dynasty.

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