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First posted on October 27th 2004, last revised on June 8th 2010

The term Baluchistan has been coined by foreigners to describe a region inhabited by a variety of ethnic groups (Balochi, Brahui, Pashto, Hazaragi) and which historically was divided into several feudal states, the most important ones being Kalat, Makran and Las Bela.
In 1872 the British and Persians agreed on the border partitioning Baluchistan into Western Baluchistan (to Persia, presently Iran) and into larger (eastern) Balochistan which was regarded British sphere of influence, since 1843. Quetta was acquired by the British in 1879, the border with Afghanistan drawn in 1879/1893, resulting in yet another part of Balochistan having been split off.
British interest in Baluchistan lay mainly in securing the western border of British India; in most of British Baluchistan, indirect rule was applied.
When British India was released into independence (1947), the princes were expected to opt for Pakistan. When the Sultan of Kalat showed reluctance, Pakistan used armed force.

Spelling varieties : Baluchistanb, Balochistan, Beloochistan, Baloochistan

Pakistani Balochistan, 1977-1988 . Pakistan
Pakistani Baluchistan, 1970-1977 . Pakistan
Pakistani Baluchistan, 1955-1970 . Pakistan
Pakistani Baluchistan, 1947-1955 . Pakistan

British Baluchistan, 1871-1947 . British India

Timeline : Baluchistan

Historical Atlas : Western Central Asia, South Asia, Baluchistan, Iran, Pakistan

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