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Islamic Republic, since 2003
Islamic Republic, 1989-2003
Islamic Republic, 1979-1989

Iran 1953-1979
Iran 1945-1953
Iran 1941-1945
Persia/Iran 1926-1941

Persia 1918-1926
Persia 1914-1918
Persia 1905-1914

For the history of Iran prior to 1905 see Qajar Dynasty (1794-1905), Zand Dynasty (1750-1794), Afsharid Dynasty (1736-1796), Hotaki Dynasty (1722-1729), Safavid Dynasty (1501-1736), Aq Qoyunlu, Iran 644-1500

Historical Atlas : Iran Page, Western Central Asia Page, Western Asia Page
List of Wars : Iran

Students' Papers : Kang, Jun-suk, Iranian Historiography : Various Perspectives on Defining Moments in the Modern History of Iran (2010)
Students' Papers : Kim, Sun Hoo, History of Food and Nutrition in West Asia (2009)

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Country Profiles Current from BBC Country Profiles; from World Desk Reference ; from Nations Encyclopedia; from Index Mundi; from Wikipedia; from CIA World Factbook Country : Iran
Library of Congress Country Studies : Iran
Historical Der allerneueste Staat von Casan, Astracan, Georgien, und vieler andern dem Czaren, Sultan und Schach zinsbaren und unterthanen Tatarn Landschaften und Provinzien samt einer kurzen Nachricht von der Caspischen See / dem Daria Strom, ingleichen von dem Persischen Hof und dessen allerneuesten Staats- und Kriegsverfassung zur Erläuterung der Russisch- und Persischen Kriegsoperationen entworfen, 1723, in German, GB
Links General from Library of Congress, Portals to the World; from BUBL; from dmoz; List of Iran-related Topics, from Wikipedia; Category : Iran, from Wikipedia
Virtual Library Iran
on History from Virtual Library History; from Virtual Library Women's History; from persia.org; from Pars Times
Category : Persian History; Category : History of Iran, from Wikipedia
Articles in the Category "History of Persia", from EB 1911
History-Related Articles, from Kurdistanica
Organizations Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran (responsible for archaeology, musea)
foreign Iran Heritage Foundation
Foundation for Iranian Studies
British Institute of Persian Studies
Institute of Iranian Studies, Univ. of St. Andrews; Centre for Iranian Studies, Durham Univ.
International Society for Iranian Studies (ISIS)
Historical Dictionary Encyclopaedia Iranica
Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies Website
Kurdistanica, Digital Encyclopedia of Kurdistan
A Shi'ite Encyclopedia, from DILP
Iranian History Glossary
Timelines from Encyclopedia of the Orient; from BBC News, from timelines.ws; from Perry Castaneda Library, UTexas (scan, covers 20th century); from mage.com; from On the Matrix
Accounts of History Iranian Perspective from Salam Iran, Iran's History in Brief, from Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa, Canada
Problems in Kurdish Historiography, from Kurdistanica
other Perspective modern from Iran Photo Album, from Iransaga, 11 chapters; from Tamasha, 12 chapters, from Lonely Planet, from Iran Chamber Society
Article History of Iran, from Wikipedia; from Crime and Society, A Comparative Criminology of the World (Robert Winslow)
The Iranian Revolution, Past, Present and Future, by D. Zayar, posted by marxists.com
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Historiography Iranian Perspective Touraj Atabaki, Iran in the 20th Century. Historiography and Political Culture, intro of 2009 book
Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi, Refashioning Iran: Orientalism, Occidentalism, and historiography, 2001 book, posted by google books
Fereydoun Adamiyat, Problems in Iranian Historiography, 1971 book accessible through jstor
Cyrus Schayegh, Recent Trends in the Historiography of Iran under the Pahlavi Dynasty, 1921-1979, abstract of 2008 article from Wiley Inter Science
Kamran M. Dadkhah, Myths and Facts in Iranian Historiography, CIRA Bulletin 1999
on Iranian Perspective Historiography and Political Culture in Twentieth Century Iran, IISG Conference 2004; links to abstracts
Rudi Matthee, Introduction to Historiography and Representation in Safavid and Afsharid Iran , 1998 article accessible through jstor
Janet Afary, The contentious historiography of the Gilan republic in Iran: a critical exploration, abstract of 1995 article
other Perspective Charles Kurzman, Historiography of the Iranian Revolutionary Movement 1977-1979, Iranian Studies 1995
Foreign Policy, Foreign Relations Search Encyclopaedia Iranica for Foreign Affairs, Anglo-Iranian Relations, Anglo-Persian Agreement, Anglo-Persian War, Anglo-Russian Convention, Belgian-Iranian Relations, China, Chinese-Iranian Relations, Denmark, Egypt, France, Gardane Mission, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Ottoman-Persian Relations, Portugal, Russia
Arnold van Wickeren, Geschiedenis van Portugal en van de Portugezen overzee, Deel 4 chapter 3 subch.4 : De kust van Oman; de aanval op Ormoez (1507-1508), Deel 5 chapter 6 subch.3 : Problemen bij de kolonisatie; betrekkingen met Perzië Deel 5, chapter 6, subch.6 : Bezetting van Ormoez; bondgenootschap met Perzië, Deel 16 chapter 2 subch.3 : De val van Ormoez, Deel 16 chapter 2 subch.1 : Expedities naar Perzië en China; de stad Goa en verlening van steun aan de Portugezen in Syriam, Deel 16 chapter 2 subch.2 : Een Perzisch gezantschap naar Europa; de capitaes gerais Dom Frei Aleixo de Menezes, Andre Furtado de Mendoça en Ruy Lourenço de Tavora (1607-1612),in Dutch, posted on Colonial Voyage
R.R. Dawes, A History of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with Persia (1887), posted on Internet Archive
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R.R. Davies, A History of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with Persia (1887), posted on Internet Archive
H.R. Sykes, Our recent progress in Southern Persia, and its possibilities (1905), posted on Internet Archive
Politics Political Resources on the Net : Iran; Governments on the WWW : Iran
Article Politics of Iran, from Wikipedia; Political Situation in Iran, from Encyclopedia of the Orient
Article Majlis of Iran, from Wikipedia; List of Political Parties in Iran, from Wikipedia; Iran : Political Organizations, from Parstimes
Iran Profile, from International Crisis Group
Military See WHKMLA, List of Wars : Iran
Iran Military Guide; Kurdistan - Iran, from Global Security
Military History of Iran, from Wikipedia
Orders, Decorations and Medals of Iran, from World Medals
Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988, from Wikipedia, Global Security
Economy & Finances A Global History of Currencies : Iran; What was the Exchange Rate then ?, service provided by Economic History Services; Article Iran Rial, from Wikipedia
Article Economy of Iran, from Wikipedia; Iran : Economy, from Encyclopedia of the Orient
The Economic History and Economy of Iran, by Thayer Watkins
Article Tehran Stock Exchange, from Wikipedia; History of the Ministry of Finance of Iran
History of Persian Carpets, from Iran Chamber Society
Iranian Oil History in Brief, from Iranian Journalist
M. Abbasov, The Anglo-American Oil Controversy in Iran, 1919-1924
Brief History of National Iranian Oil Company
M. Sahimi, Iran's Nuclear Program. I : Its History
Iran, from Internet World Stats
Historical Statistics (19th, 20th century, mainly economic), from Iran Virtual Library
History of Banking in Iran, from Tejarat
Company History : National Iranian Oil Company, BP p.l.c., from Funding Universe
Search Encyclopaedia Iranica for Anglo-Persian Oil Company, Arab-Sasanian Coins, Banking, Barley, Begging, Bookbinding, Bricks and Ceramics Industry, Cabbage, Camel, Camphor, Candle, Caravan, Caravansary, Cardamom, Carpets, Caviar, Ceramics, Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Persia, Chamber of Guilds, Charcoal, Clocks, Clothing, Coal, Coffee, Coins and Coinage, Commerce, Concessions, Construction Materials Industry, Cooking, Cooperatives, Copper, Cotton, Crafts, Crystal, Customs Duties, Daguerrotypie, Date Palm, Drugs, East India Company (British, Dutch, French), Economy, Farming, Firearms, Fiscal System, Fisheries and Fishing, Forests and Forestry, Fruit, Garlic, Gemcutting, Glass, Glass Industry, Gold, Henna, Herds and Flocks, Horseshoes, Imperial Bank of Persia, Indian Ocean, Indigo, Indo-European Telegraph Company, Indo-European Telegraph Department, Industrialization, Iran National Company, Iron, Ivory, Jade, Kork, Lighting and Heating, Lithography, Locks, Maritime Trade, Mining, Oil Agreements, Oil Industry, Olive Tree, Pigments, Paper and Papermaking, Pearls, Railroads, Rye, Sasanian Textiles, Soap, Sofra, Steel Industry, Sugar, Tanning, Rubber and Footwear Industries, Textile Industry, Tobacco, Wool
Jones, Geoffrey, The Imperial Bank of Iran and Iranian Economic Development, 1890-1952. Business and Economic History, 2d ser., 16 (1987): 69-80.
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J.A. Gagemeister, Der Europäische Handel in der Türkei und in Persien 1838, in German, GB
Ethnography, Social History Languages of Iran (69), from Ethnologue
Minorities at Risk, scroll down for Iran - Arabs, Azerbaijanis, Bakhtiari, Baluchis, Kurds, Turkmen
Country Report Iran, from U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (1997-2006)
Migration Information Source : Iran
Article Iranian Kurdistan, from Wikipedia
Armenians in Iran, from Iran Chamber Society
Category : Languages of Iran, from Wikipedia
Article : Demographics of Iran, from Wikipedia
World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples : Iran
Search Encyclopaedia Iranica for Census, Charitable Foundations, Cholera, Class System, Coffeehouse Deportations, Diaspora, Education, Employment, Ethnography, Eunuchs Famines, Feminist Movements, Gypsies
F. Barth, Nomads of South Persia (1961), posted on IA
Religion Religion in Iran, from netiran; Category Religion in Iran, from Wikipedia
Mosques of Iran, from Iran Page (images only, locations not given)
Zoroaster and Zoroastrians in Iran, from Iran Chamber Society; Zoroastrian Sacred Sites in Iran, from Places of Peace and Power
Jews of Iran, from Jewish Virtual Library; A Brief History of Iranian Jews, from Iran Chamber Society; Iran, from International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Cemetery Project
A Brief History of Christianity in Iran, from Farsinet; Historical Churches in Iran, from Iran Chamber Society
Minorities at Risk - Iran : Baha'i, Christians
History Timeline, from Baha'i International Community, UN Office
History of Regions Provinces of Iran, Counties of Iran, from www.statoids.com
Iranian Provinces, from Iran Chamber Society
History of Khuzestan, from Wikipedia
M.B. al Hasan B. Isfandiyar, History of Tabaristan; computer may have difficulty displaying characters properly; transcribed into English
Article : Provinces of Iran, from Wikipedia
Category : Provinces of Iran, from Wikipedia
Abu Musa and the Tunbs, from The Persian Gulf
St. John Lovett and Euan Smith, Eastern Persia (Vol I) (1876), posted on Internet Archive
Local History Articlev Cities of Iran, from Wikipedia
History of Tehran, from greatestcities.com, from Wikipedia
History of Isfahan, from Wikipedia; History of Mashhad, from Wikipedia; History of Abadan, from Wikipedia; History of Tabriz, from Wikipedia
Structures, Institutions History of Iran Air; Brief History of the Air Transport Industry in Iran, from Iran Air
History, of Iran Railways
Article University of Tehran, from Wikipedia
History of Higher Education in Iran, from Iran Chamber Society; History of Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran
History of Hamadan Civil Registry
Iran, from Airline History
Structurae : Iran; Search Lighthouse Explorer for Iran
Culture & Science Online Publications on the History of Iranian Architecture, posted by ArchNet
History of Painting in Iran, from Farhangsara
Article History of Contemporary Medicine in Iran, from Wikipedia
A Survey Catalogue and Brief Critical History of Iranian Feature Film (1896-1975), by Reza Talachian
The Persian Calendar, by Holger Oertel
A History of Muslim Philosophy, Ch. LIII : Persian Literature, Ch. LXXVII : Renaissance in Iran, Ch. LXVIII : renaissance in Iran (Cont.)
Biographies List of Iranians, from Wikipedia; Iranian Personalities, from Iran Chamber Society
Iran, from Executed Today
Others International Boundary Studies, search for Iran
Article Foreign Relations of Iran, from Wikipedia, Relations between Russia and Iran, between Iran and Azerbaijan, from Axis
Essential Friends and Natural Enemies : The Historic Roots of Turkish-Iranian Relations, by Gokhan Cetinsaya, covers period 1821-1980es
Disaster History by Country : Iran, from Relief Web
History of Skiing in Iran, from Iranmania; Article Iran at the Olympics, History of Football in Iran, from Wikipedia
Crime and Society : A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World : Iran
Iran Directory, from Peace Corps Online
Alcohol and Drugs History Society : Iran; Epidemiology of Drug Use in Iran, from UNODC
Palearctic Ecoregion, from WWF
Brad Martsching, Iraq-Iran War and Waterway Claims, ICE Case Studies 1998; Abu Musa Island. Sovereignty Claims and Environmental Resources, ICE Case Studies 1997; Christopher Hoch, The Strait of Hormuz: Potential for Conflict , ICE Case Studies 1997; Gregory Noll, Khuzestan: Oil, Ethnicity, and Conflict in Iran, ICE Case Studies 2006

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon); from Rulers (B. Schemmel); from Regnal Chronologies; from World Rulers (E. Schulz, illustrated)
Article Rulers of Iran, from Wikipedia
Lists of Ambassadors List of Diplomats from the United Kingdom to Iran, from Wikipedia; Former French Ambassadors in Iran, from Ambafrance; Liste der Deutschen Botschafter in Teheran (Persien/Iran), from Wikipedia German edition
U.S. Ambassadors to Iran, from NNDB; Embajadores de Mexico en Iran, from Acervo Historico Diplomatico
Chinese Ambassadors to Iran, from PRC MOFA
Statistical Data Responsible Institution
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Iran, from Population Statistics
Population of Cities : Iran, from City Population
Election Results from Psephos (since 2001); from IFES Election Guide (since 1999)
Elections and Electoral Systems : Iran
Documents Historical Newspapers History of Iran, from World History Archives
Iran Articles, from Harper's Magazine (1857-)
Modern Newspapers links from Online Newspapers, from World Newspapers, Iranian Media, from Iran Chamber Society
Newsreels British Pathe
Wochenschau-Archiv (in German)
Archief Beeld en Geluid : Polygoon (in Dutch)
Image Databanks Systematic Collections
Systematic Collections
Ali Majdfar, Persia (Ancient Iran) Photo Gallery
Iranologie : Pictures
Iran Chamber Society, Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988, War Pictures
Iranian Archives 1995-2007 : Pictory, Qajar, Iranian Revolution, Photos, Iran-Iraq War, Photos
J. Bozorgmehr, Almost, Photo essay: Mossadegh, 2003
Iran Politics Club, Iran Photo Album, has some useful and some completely out of place chapters
Accidental Collections Wikimedia Commons
Oriental Collections
Items on Iran
AGSL Digital Photo Archive : Asia and Middle East
Asian Historical Architecture, a Photographic Survey
Universal Collections
Items on Iran
License Plates, from Francoplaque, from License Plates of the World
Passport, from Passports of the World
Historic Picture Postcards, from Postcardman, commercial site
Airline Timetable Images : Iran
Archival Deposits British Search Your Archives for Iran (UK National Archives)
Guide to India Office Records relating to Iran, from British Library
British Intelligence Reports on Persia (Iran) 1900-1949, published by IDC Publishers
Foreign Office (British) : Further Correspondence Respecting the Affairs of Persia (1914), posted on Internet Archive
U.S. The Secret History of the 1953 Iran Coup, from National Security Archive
20 Years after the Hostages : Declassified Documents, from National Security Archive
Documents 1945-1946 Iran Crisis, from CWIHP Virtual Archive
Search CIA Released Documents for Iran
Iran Documentation Project, from National Security Archive
Other Iran Documents, at Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem
Nationaal Archief (NL), Gezantschap Perzië 1890-1906, Consulaat Bouchir, 1888-1934, Consulaat/Gezantschap Iran (1903-1945)
Constitutions, Laws List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by Iran, from ILO, 12 docs. since 1919
Internet Law Library : Iran
Search Prassi Italiana di Dirito Internazionale, Indice delle leggi e degli altri atti normativi, for Persia, 11 entries, in Italian
Treaty Collections Pertaining to Iran Agreement Between Great Britain and Persia (1919), posted on Internet Archive
Australian Treaty Series : Bilateral Treaties - Iran
Iran, pp.1254- in vol.8 of Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America 1776-1949, 1971, GB
Document Collections Documents related to the Iran / Contra Affair, from Pink Noise
Iranian Oral History Project, at Harvard
Behind the veil in Persia; English documents (1917), posted on Internet Archive
Individual Documents M.Sch. Platt, The War journal of a missionary in Persia (1915), posted on Internet Archive
The diary of H.M. the Shah of Persia, during his tour through Europe in A.D. 1873. By J.W. Redhouse. A verbatim translation (1874), posted on Internet Archive
U.N. Security Council Resolutions 1946, no.2, 3, 5, 1974 no.348, 1979 no.457, 461, 1980 no.479, 1982 no.514, 522, 1983 no.540, 1984 no.552, 1986 no.582, 588, 1987 no.598, 1988 no.612, 616, 619, 620, 1989 no.631, 642, 1990 no.651, 671, 676, 1991 no.685
Historical Maps responsible institutions UNESCO : National Map Agencies, Iran : National Cartographic Centre (NCC), Tehran
National Geoscience Database of Iran
WHKMLA Historical Atlas, Iran Page
Iran Politics Club, Atlas of Iran Maps (Historical, hindsight, 15 chapters)
Atlas of Iran, from Wikimedia Commons
Category : Maps of the History of Iran, Wikimedia Commons
contemporary, whole country
Search David Rumsey Map Collection for Iran
Category : Old Maps of Iran, Wikimedia Commons
Circle of Iranian Studies, The Largest Collection of Historical Maps of the Persian Gulf
Iran Maps, PCL, UTexas
contemporary, detail
Discus Media : Iran Maps
Search Atlas of Mutual Heritage for Iran, Bushehr, Esfahan, Kerman, Fort Mosselstein, Shiraz
Iran, hindsight Maps : Eastern Hemisphere 550 B.C., Eastern Hemisphere 527 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 500 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 400 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 335 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 323 BC, Easern Hemisphere 300 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 200 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 100 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 050 BC, Parthian Empire 001 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 050 AD, Kushan Empire, 100 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 200 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 300 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 400 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 450 AD, Hephtalite Empire and Hunas, 500 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 565 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 600 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 610 AD, Asia 700 AD, Asia 800 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 900 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1000 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1025 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1100 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1200 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1300 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1400 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1500 AD, by Thomas Lessman
Historical and Political Map of Iran and Afghanistan, J. de Salas Vara del Rey
Iran, contemporary Map : Turkic Languages, from Titus
Maps : Languages of the Caucasus, Iranian Languages from Titus
Map : Persia 1906, Persia 1922, Persia 1932, Persia (Products) 1906, Persian Gulf 1906, from Probert Encyclopedia Antiquarian Map Archive
detail, hindsight
detail, contemporary
Encyclopedia Entries
Articles Persia, Cities : Isfahan, Astarabad, Resht; Teheran, Meshed, Hormuz, Bushire, Yezd, Kerman, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Khoremmabad, Kashan, Tabriz, Ardebil, Kermanshah, Provinces : Arabistan, Luristan, Fars, Kerman, Seistan, Baluchistan (Persia), Yezd, Khorasan, Mazandaran, Bakhtiari, Kermanshah, Hamadan, Savah, Kazvin, Khamseh, Azerbaijan, Irak, Kum, Kashan, Astarabad, from EB 1911; Articles in the Category "History of Persia", from EB 1911
Article Persia, from Catholic Encyclopedia (1907), from Jewish Encyclopedia (1906)
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Entry : Persien, in vol.5 of J.G. Eichhorn, Geschichte der drey letzten Jahrhunderte, 1805, in German, GB
Persia pp.214-219 in J. MacFarlane, Economic geography, c. 1910, GB
W.H. Weed, The Copper Mines of the World 1907, Persia p.145
Parliamentary Debates foreign Hansard (British Parliament)
Tour Guides, Travelogues
Institutions Archives National Archives of Iran
UNESCO Archives Portal : National Archives Asia Pacific, has one entry for Iran (Nov. 15th 2006), scroll down
Musea Lists, Links Museums in Iran, from Caroun; Category : Museums in Iran, from Wikipedia
Musea Museum Websites
Monuments Category : Monuments and memorials in Iran, from Wikipedia
UNESCO World Heritage Site, List (search for Iran), Tentative Lists : Iran
Libraries National Library of Iran
Libraries in Iran, from LibDex
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from Wikipedia; National Anthem, from National Anthems Net
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes of Iran from World Currency Museum; of Iran, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money; from Zeno
Coin Catalog of Iran, from Numismaticon; search Coin Archives for Persia, Iran; Numismatic Collections of Coins - Iran, bilingual Russian-English site; Coins of the Qajar Dynasty, Safavid Dynasty, Iran, from Zeno; Iran, from World Coin Gallery
British Museum, The coins of the shahs of Persia, Safavis, Afghans, Efsharis, Zands, and Kajars (1887), posted on INternet Archive
Stamps Rare Stamps : Iran, Iranian States (misnomer for local issues), from Sandafayre Stamp Gallery; Persian Stamps 1870-1911, from Stamps Catalogue 1840-1920 by Evert Klaseboer

Bibliographies general Search ISBN Database
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Persian Academy; in Farsi; English language version does not work (Sept. 21st 09)
New Asia Books : Iran
general bibliographies
Iran entries
Food and Culture (a bibliography), by R.T. Dirks, click on South West Asia
Online Libraries general Internet Archives
Gutenberg Library Online
International Boundary Studies
on Iran Iran Online Library, from Iran Politics Club
Iran Digital Library
Digital Islamic Library Project (DILP)
Books in the Baha'i Library Online
Online Journals full text online Search Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly 1971- for Iran
Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis 1997-2004
Iran Analysis Quarterly 2003-2007
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Table of Contents
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