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Russian Turkestan Bukhara
First posted on April 5th 2005, last revised on June 10th 2010

Spelling varieties : Khiva, Khivie, Khiwa, Chiwa
Spelling varieties : Chorasmia, Khwarism, Kharism, Khowaresm
For the History since 1925, see History of Uzbekistan

Khiva 1917-1925
Khiva 1873-1917

Historical Atlas : Uzbek Khanates / Uzbekistan

Students' Papers : Lee, Hyejin, Russian/Soviet Central Asia in Political Transition, 1800-1945 : a Collage of Biographies of Persons (2012)
Students' Papers : Kim, Jae Yun, Turkestan in Historic Encyclopedias (2009)

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Country Profiles from Current Perspective Article : Khanate of Khiva, from Wikipedia
Article : Khanate de Khiva, from Encyclopedie Française
from Historical Perspective H. Lansdell, Russian Central Asia, including Kuldja, Bokhara, Khiva and Merv (1885) vol.1, vol.2, posted on Internet Archive
Links History of Khiva, from Advantour
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Accounts of History Central Asia Current Perspective Encyclopaedia Iranica : Central Asia
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Khiva Historical Perspective
Central Asia Specific Periods M.A. al-Karim Bukhari, Ch.H.A. Schefer, Histoire de l'Asie centrale, Afghanistan, Boukhara, Khiva, Khoqand, depuis les dernieres annees du regne de Nadir Chah, 1153, jusqu'en 1233 de l'Hegire, 1740-1818 (1876) in French, posted on Internet Archive
Khiva Specific Periods
Foreign Policy, Foreign Relations
Military Wars of Khiva 1800-1920, from ACED
Verevkin, N.A., General in the 1873 Khivan Campaign, from Russian Military History
Conquest by Khiva, from Karakalpak.com
Economy & Finances Global Currency History
Trade in Khiva, The Craft Industry in Khiva, from Advantour
The Khiva Khanate and the Chodor, from The Richard E. Wright Research Reports. A Compilation of Notes Concerning the Nature and Origin of Textiles
Social History
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Religion Khiva, from GAMEO
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The History of the Karakalpaks, from Karakalpak.com
Local History Article Khiva, from Wikipedia
Structures, Institutions
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Others George de Lacy Evans, On the Practicability of an Invasion of British India; and on the Commercial and Financial Prospects and Resources of the Empire, 1829, GB; numerous Khiva entries

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen World Statesmen : Khorazm (Khiva) by Ben Cahoon; Rulers : Uzbekistan by B. Schemmel
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Uzbekistan, from Population Statistics
Documents Historical Newspapers Bukhara ye-sharif (Persian lnguage newspaper 1912-), held by IISG
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Image Databanks Search Delcampe Picture Postcards for Khiva
Archival Deposits British Intelligence Reports on Russia in Central Asia, published by IDC Publishers
Search Your Archives for Khiva (UK National Archives)
Constitutions, Laws
Treaty Collections Pertaining to Khiva
Document Collections Regarding the Release of Russian Captives from Khiva, 1837, from Russian Military History
W.H. MacNaghten, Views and Prospects of Russia in Central Asia, Particularly in Khiva and Herat, pp.23-27 ; W.H. MacNaghten, Supplementary Notice on the States of Toorkistan, pp.46-50 in Reports and Papers, Political, Geographical, & Commercial Submitted to Government, 1839, GB
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Christian Martin Fraehn, Ibn-Foszlan's und anderer Araber Berichte über die Russen älterer Zeit, 1823, in German, GB ; reference to Chiwa
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Encyclopedia Entries
General Article : Tartary, pp.205-207 in vol.20 of Encyclopaedia Britannica, reference to Khiva, 1823, GB
Article : Turkestan, pp.376-377 in vol.12 of Encyclopaedia Americana, reference to Khiva, 1832, GB
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Parliamentary Debates foreign Hansard (British Parliament)
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Residence Memoirs V. Mikhailov, Adventures of Michailow: a Russian captive among the Kalmucs, Kirghiz, and Kiwenses, 1822, GB
Institutions Archives
Musea Khiva - the City Museum, from Malika Khiva
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes Coin Catalog of Khiva, from Numismaticon; search Coin Archives for Chiwa, Khiva; Khiva, from Encyclopedia of Small Silver Coins
Khans of Khiva, from Zeno

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General Accounts
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Historical Atlasses Yuri Bregel, An Historical Atlas of Central Asia, (HACA) Leiden : Brill 2003 (defines Central Asia as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Xinjiang)

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