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Siberia China
First posted on June 7th 2002, last revised on September 24th 2010

Core region of the 13th century Mongol Empire, then until 1368 part of the territory of the Yuan Dynasty. Until into the early 18th century contested by the Khalkha and Oyrat tribes. In the early 18th century conquered by Qing China. The Treaties of Nerchinsk 1689 and Kiakhta 1727 delineated the border between Qing China and the Russian Empire, divided Mongol lands into Russian Mongolia (Buryatia) and Chinese Mongolia (Inner and Outer Mongolia).
In 1912 (Outer) Mongolia proclaimed independence. In 1921 Tannu Tuva declared independence from Mongolia. In 1924 in Outer Mongolia the Mongolian People's Republic was proclaimed. Mongolia de facto was a satellite of the USSR. In 1961 Mongolia was admitted to the UN. In 1990 Communism was abolished and Mongolia became a democratic republic.

Mongolia since 1990 . Mongolia 1966-1990 . Mongolia 1945-1966 . Mongolia 1924-1945 . Mongolia 1911-1924

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Systematic Collections
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