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Afghan Emirate Emirate of Bukhara
First posted on June 13th 2010, last revised on December 12th 2011

The Qajar Dynasty ousted the Zand Dynasty in 1794 and conquered Khorasan, still held by the Afsharid Dynasty, in 1796. In 1813/1828, Persia ceded the territories of modern Armenia and (northern) Azerbaijan to the Russian Empire. Attempts to maintain an expansionist policy (various expeditions against Herat) were continued, but in the process the Qajar Dynasty met the resistance of the Russian Empire and of the East India Company. Persia (Iran) became part of the staging ground of the "Great Game", a contest between the Russian Empire and the East India Company respectively, since 1858, British India, for influence in the region.
The Persian Constitutional Revolution of 1905/1911 marks the beginning of the history of Modern Iran. In 1907 the Russian Empire and the British Empire partitioned Iran into spheres of influence, while nominally leaving the Qajar Dynasty in charge of the entire country. The Qajar Dynasty, now rather powerless, held on to the throne until 1926; the country was renamed into Iran in 1935.

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Students' Papers : Kim, Sun Hoo, History of Food and Nutrition in West Asia (2009)

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