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Hong Kong 1967-1984

Administration . In July 1964, David Clive Crosbie Trench assumed governorship, and held on to it until 1971. He was succeeded by Murray MacLehose (1971-1982) and Edward Youde (1982-1986).

Hong Kong and China . After the climax of the Cultural Revolution in 1967, Communist rhetorics toned down. Political changes within the PRC in the 1970es, the Open Door Policy announced by Deng Xiao Ping in 1978, the nomination of Shenzhen (across the Hong Kong border) as a special economic zone in 1980, resulted in improved relations.
The lease for the New Territories was to expire in 1997; in the 1980es the British administration contacted Chinese authorities in regard of a possible extension of the lease (1984). The British proposal was rejected by the Chinese administration, which instead announced a 'One Country, Two Systems' policy. In the Sino-British Declaration, it was announced that not just the New Territories, but also Kowloon and Hong Kong were to revert to Chinese rule in 1997.

The Economy . Hong Kong expanded her position as a regional trade hub. B.R. Mitchell gives Hong Kong's aggregate imports, in current value of 2000, as 10.4 billion HK $ in 1967, 29 billion HK $ in 1973, 112 billion HK $ in 1980, 223 billion HK $ in 1984 (IHS p.545). Following the oil crisis of 1973 the figures show a brief decline; from 1977 on a sharp increase due to the expansion of the Chinese economy.
Hong Kong's economy moved from industries dependent on low-wage unskilled labour to a more diverse industry producing higher quality products made by skilled workers, as well as developing its service sector.
Real estate prices grew at an extraordinary speed. Cathay Pacific (est. in 1946) developed into one of the world's leading airlines.
The Hang Seng Index was started in 1969.
In 1976 Hong Kong introduced the metric system (Metrication Ordinance).

Social History . The population of Hong Kong expanded from 3.7 million in 1967 to 5.3 million in 1984 (Lahmeyer). In 1978, education for children under the age of 15 was made compulsory and free (Schenk).

Cultural History . Hong Kong athletes participated in the Summer Olympics of Mexico City 1968, Munich 1972, Montreal 1976 and Los Angeles 1984. Hong Kong boycotted the Summer Olympics at Moscow in 1980. Horse racing, organized by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (of 1884), was popular with the Hong Kong residents, who like to bet on prospective winners; until 1971 amateur races were held, since 1971 jockeys were professionals.
Because of Hong Kong's strict gambling laws, many Hong Kong residents took short trips to Macau, Portuguese until 1999, with her many casinos.

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