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Google Maps, Location of Kubuqi Dalatuqi, same,

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Kubuqi desert located to the North of China's Loess Plateau, which itself is the site of a massive afforestation project.
Watch video : "Lessons of the Loess Plateau"

Potential Problems : Conflict with herd owners over grazing land; ex. Inner Mongolia: Herders Sentenced In Land Grab Case, Jan. 7 2014 UNPO
Potential Problems : Forest Fire

FAO, Global Forest Fire Assessment 1990-2000 : 3.4 Middle East, Central and East Asia Sub-Region
Most striking is the increase of human-caused wildfires in the steppe and forest ecosystems of Mongolia and China (Inner Mongolia). The political and socio-economic changes in Mongolia during the 1990's are the major reasons for a dramatic increase in wildfire occurrence in the country (Ing 1999).

Potential Problems : Interference in the habitat of rare species

Tree monoculture - vulnerability to certain insects, to diseases

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=> temperate steppe zone; area not classified as desert.
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Unknown Factors

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