History of Anhui
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First posted on December 8th 2004, last revised on November 19th 2006

Timeline : Anhui

605 Excavation of the Grand Canal
1368-1644 Ming Dynasty; Nanzhili directly administered area near southern capital of Nanjing
1644 Manchu conquest of China; Nanzhili Priovince renamed Jiangnan
1666 Jiangnan Province split into Anhui, Jiangsu
1851-1864 Taiping Rebellion, which directly affected Anhui and inspired the Nian Rebellion (Anhui , Henan , SW Shandong, N Jiangsu)
1853-1868 Nian Rebellion (Anhui , Henan , SW Shandong, N Jiangsu)
1853-1862 Hefei capital of Anhui
1876 Wuhu opened to international trade
1898 Quishi Academy, predecessor of Anhui Normal University, established
1900-1901 Boxer Rebellion
1911 Chinese Revolution
1927 City captured by Nationalist forces
1928 Anhui University founded
1937-1945 Japanese ocupation
1945-1948 Anhui under Nationalist Chinese administration
1946 Province capital moved from Anqing to Anfei
1946 Catholic Vicariate Apostolic of Nganhoei/Wuhu elevated to Diocesis of Wuhu
1949 Communist victory in China's Civil War; establishment of PRC
1949 Anhui split in Wanbei, Wannan
1949 Wuhu Cigarette Factory established
1949-1954 Anhui part of China's East China Region
1952 Wanbei, Wannan merged to form Anhui; capital Hefei
1958 Hefei Univ. of Technology (present Anhui Univ. of Science and Technology) established; predecessor of 1945)
1993 Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone dedicated

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