China 1860-1894
China 1911-1916
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Timeline : Qing China 1894-1911

1894-1895 Sino-Japanese War
1895 Treaty of Shimonoseki; China ceded Taiwan to Japan
1895 Reformist mandarins Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao published Zhong Wai Ji Wen (World Bulletin, magazine); founded Qiang Xue Hui (Learn to be Strong Society); both magazine, society banned in 1896
1896 Chinese-Russian treaty on routing of Transiberian railroad through N. Manchuria
1897 Korea proclaimed to be an Empire, i.e. renounced recognition of Chinese sovereignty over the country
1898 China leased Kiautschou to Germany, Kwangchowan to France, Port Arthur to Russia, New Territories, Weihaiwei to Britain
1898 Hundred Days Reform; terminated by a coup led by Empress Dowager Cixi
1899 Yi He Tuan Rebellion in NW Shandong, first directed against Manchu Dynasty; after defeat by Qing troops turned on foreigners (Boxers)
1900-1901 Boxer Rebellion (Yi He Tuan)
1900 U.S. Secretary of State announced that the powers except Japan had agreed to the Open Door Policy (regarding China) suggested by the U.S.
1901 Death of Li Hongzhang
1901 Educational reform; girls admitted to schools; western subjects introduced into curriculum
1901 Zongli Yamen renamed Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1902 Anglo-Japanese Alliance
1903 Aurora University founded by French Jesuits, near Shanghai
1903 Military reform; Military Academy established
1904 British invasion of Tibet, occupation of Lhasa
1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War; Russia ceded concession at Port Arthur; southern Manchuria became Japanese sphere of interest
1905-1906 China abolished Confucian state examinations
1906 Anglo-Chinese convention regarding Tibet
1908 Death of Empress Dowager Cixi; child Pu Yi proclaimed Emperor
1910 A national elected Consultative Assembly established
1910 Chinese Olympic Committee formed
1911 Tsinghua University in Beijing founded
1911 Wuchang Uprising triggered Chinese Revolution

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