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Zhejiang Taiwan
First posted on December 6th 2004, last revised on November 4th 2009

History of the Territory of the Modern Province of Fujian

The territory of Fujian did not belong to the Xia Dynasty (1989-1558), Shang Dynasty (1556-1046 BC) and the Zhou Dynasty (1046-221 BC). During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-403), the territory of modern Fujian was part of Yue, which was conquered by Chu in 334, which again was conquered by Qin in 225-223. Fujian thus was under Qin (223-206) under Western Han (221 BC - 8 AD), Xin 8-22 AD and Eastern Han 25-220. Then Fujian (partially) was under Wu (Sun Wu, 222-280), Western Jin 265-317, Eastern Jin, From c.420 to 581, Fujian was under the Southern Dynasties until Sui (581-618) again reunited China. Sui was followed by Tang (618-907). During the Five Dynasties and 10 States Period, Fujian was under Min (909-945); Yin (943-945) and Qingyuan (933-978) split off and formed independent entities; Min and Yin were conquered by Wuyue. Fujian was reunited under Northern Song (960-1127). and Southern Song (1127-1279), followed by Yuan (1234-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911). the Republic of China (1911-1949). Since 1949 Fujian, except for a few islands off its coast (Quemoy/Kinmen, to Taiwan) forms part of the People's Republic of China.

History of Fujian as a Chinese Province

Under the Han Dynasty, the territory of Fujian was under the Yang province (but in essence Fujian was outside of Chinese control), under Western Jin under Yang province, an organisation maintained under Sui. Under Tang, Fujian formed part of Jiangnan province. Under Northern Song, Fujian province was established under that name. Under Southern Song, Fujian province was maintained. Under Yuan, from 1278 to 1299, Fujian territory was split in Fuzhou and Quanzhou provinces, from 1299 Fujian territory was part of Jiangzhe. Under late Yuan, Fujian province was established in 1352; it was maintained under Ming, Qing, the Republic of China and the PRC. Taiwan, which submitted to China in 1683, was annexed into Fujian province in 1689. In was separated from Fujian in 1885 when it was made a separate province.

Timeline : Fujian

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